February 26, 2024 at 5:41 am

‘Just tell her it’s hand sanitizer!’ – One Man’s Funny, Embarrassing Story At A Grocery Store Made Him Think He Should Have Just Used Self-Checkout

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@n1glez


Ahhhh what a wonderful installation into almost every grocery store or pharmacy out there.

It saves you time, you keep interactions to a minimum, and you go on with your day.

But as we all know, if you’re buying beer/wine/alcohol, you’ve got to go through the standard line.

Or wait who knows how long for an employee to materialize out of thin air and ID you.

And in that standard line – that’s when it can all go haywire!

Ok, well it at least will take 4x as long, and now you’re chatting with someone.

This is a hilarious story of what happens when that conversation doesn’t quite go as you’d expect.

Source: TikTok/@n1glez

This man on TikTok planned to buy some items for a romantic wine night with a girl he was seeing.

“I grab all the essentials I need for a wine night. I go to the normal checkout line and it’s an old lady working the register, and she’s scanning each item slowly.”

Source: TikTok/@n1glez

Finally it’s his turn.

“As she’s swiping ya know she’s making conversation about each item. And suddenly she gets to the last item, she holds it up and she goes ‘what’s this?'”

My guy. You don’t have to do it. Just go stone cold silent.

Source: TikTok/@n1glez

She holds up his item, and he has to tell her, louder than he’d like, exactly what it was…

With a young family behind him laughing!

You’ve got to see the quick, funny story here:


Moral of the story, always self checkout! (👻:zjaxxx)

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The comments section was losing its mind.

One person loved the very last line he gave with a side-smile.

Source: TikTok/@n1glez

Another commenter was a little baffled as to the second item he mentioned buying…

Source: TikTok/@n1glez

While one person had a great idea for what he could have said.

Hey it’s hard to think quick on the spot when you’re getting called out!

Source: TikTok/@n1glez

Just keep scanning… just keep scanning.

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