February 28, 2024 at 10:39 pm

Kraft Employee Claims They Found Mold While Making Food At The Factory And It’s Seriously Gross

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/radiantrecoverydetox

Gross Out City! Ugh! Yuck!

Okay, you get the point, but still…this is pretty nasty

A woman named Stacee posted a video on TikTok and shared a story from a Facebook user about something that we all dread: unclean food practices at a major company that millions of people buy products from.

In her video, Stacee said that she was reading a Facebook post written by a man who said that the Kraft factory has substandard cleaning at the facility.

Source: TikTok/radiantrecoverydetox

The Facebook post said, “Yaw wanna know the truth about the pasta that is being produced at Kraft Heinz. We clean our mixers out every 19 days, what is presented in the pic is what our mixture of dough looks like after 5 days. The dough that’s doesn’t get released into the dies get stuck on our wall mixers, and turns into mold from condensation.”

The video then showed a dirty machine and she said, “Just look at it for a minute. Like, really look at it. There are multiple types of mold growing. If you know anything about mycology, this is horrifying.”

Source: TikTok/radiantrecoverydetox

Because the video went viral, a spokesperson for Kraft said the information in the post wasn’t true and that “the photo shared is of a mixer machine that was broken and not in use.”

The spokesperson added, “After the mixer was fixed and access was regained, it was thoroughly cleaned and purged of any old ingredients. Our equipment is always extensively cleaned and flushed before food production resumes. We follow the highest of standards for cleanliness and safety at our plants and participate in regular and rigorous inspections to ensure all protocols are followed.”

Source: TikTok/radiantrecoverydetox

Take a look at the video.


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I guess we should all be checking our food closely before eating?

Just in case…

By the way, in case you’re curious about whether or not this story is real… Snopes has a breakdown of it on their website and it doesn’t really come to any conclusions.

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