February 4, 2024 at 8:35 am

Lottery Winner Buys A Pool Table For His House With His Winnings. Ten Years Later He’s On England’s International Pool Team.

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@skynews

Everyone has fantasized about how winning the lottery would change their life.

Paying off student debts, buying their own house, or even traveling the world are all classic ways people would use their incredible winnings.

But not many people would imagine that after winning the lottery, they would become a professional athlete!

Well as unbelievable as that sounds, thats exactly what happened when in 2010 Neil Jones, a retired Tiler from the UK, won 2.4 million pounds in the national lottery.

What’s even more unbelievable is that Jones revealed he only had 13 pounds saved up at the time of his win!

Source: TikTok/@skynews

To celebrate his winnings, Neil went out with his friends to a local pool hall, but little did he know that this one decision would shape the course of his life for the next decade!

Reflecting on that night, Neil told BBC News, “I picked a cue up, had a knock, and then I came back home and measured up our dining room so I could buy a decent pool table.”

Source: TikTok/@skynews

And that one purchase would lead to thousands of hours of practicing pool over the next decade, which he only had the time for because of the incredible amount of money he won, which was equal to almost 3 million American Dollars.

If not for the money from his win, he said he would still be on his hands and knees tiling floors, but with all of his free time, he was able to throw himself completely into this new found passion.

Source: TikTok/@skynews

His in home pool table actually gave him an edge during the COVID-19 Pandemic, where many pool halls and pubs in the UK were closed to the public.

But while others were unable to play and practice their skills, Neil plugged away in his home, sharpening his skills so much that he was able to begin handedly winning local pool competitions.

These wins soon garnered him enough attention for him to be chosen to represent England in A Home Nations Tournament in Malta where he captained England’s B1 team!

Source: TikTok/@skynews

While England didn’t take home the gold in Malta, they fought hard for their bronze medal.

Jones said despite their disappointment at being knocked out in the final rounds, they were very proud to have made it on the podium in the first place!

Check out the full story from Sky News:


Neil Jones has told #SkyNews how his #lottery #win allowed him to fulfill his #dream of becoming a #champion #pool player – winning a #medal at the #EuropeanChampionship

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Only goes to show you what hard work, and winning 3 million dollars, does for you!

Good for you, Neil!

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