February 19, 2024 at 7:23 pm

Mom Said To Put Away The Dishes “Wherever,” So They Pranked Her And Hid Them Around The House

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels/Wendelin Jacober

There are so many parent/child horror stories on the internet (and on Reddit in general) that it can seem like no one at all had a happy childhood.

This post, though, prove that’s not only possible, but some people are friends with their parents in adulthood, too.

OP’s parents were going on vacation and they asked for a favor.

Many years ago, I was visiting my parents just before their departure for a month long vacation.

Before they left, my mom asked if I could empty the dishwasher and put stuff away.

Absolutely, mom! (She’s a lovely woman and I won the parent jackpot, Dad is awesome too.)

Sadly for them, they weren’t very specific with the details.

As I no longer lived at home for several years at this point, I asked her, where should I put the stuff if I don’t know where it belongs.

Oh just put it wherever! Thanks, we have to go!

Well, let’s just say, mom and dad had a fun surprise when they got home!

Everyone was a good enough sport to laugh about it, though.

Big wooden salad bowl, that can go in the cupboard with the bath towels.

Cut glass pickle dish, fits nicely under dad’s pillow.

Salad serving utensils, they looked lovely on top of the piano.

Special China serving plates, nestled gently in the laundry basket.

There were a few more but I can’t recall them all. There was stuff “wherever”, just like she said.

She just laughed when she found the first item, she wasn’t mad at all.

She said every time she found something in an unusual place, it made her smile and think of me.

Does Reddit think this is charming, too? Let’s find out.

The top comment says this should be called heartwarming compliance.

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This person says they’re going to steal this little trick!

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Little things like this make life worth living.

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There is a line between crazy and fun.

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There’s always one without a sense of humor, though.

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I would read more like this.

Maybe it should be a new sub.

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