February 17, 2024 at 7:53 am

Mother Drops Knowledge About Childrens’ Clothes Returns At Target. The Internet Is Eternally Grateful.

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@kbyee424

Having a kid is expensive, anyone ever told you that? Ever heard that one before?

Many of us out there, especially post-Covid, are seeing prices just skyrocket all over the place.

And clothing is no exception.

Adding kids’ clothing into the mix really makes families look twice at their budgets.

One mom on TikTok had some wisdom to impart on the clothing budget front.

Source: TikTok/@kbyee424

“If you buy Cat & Jack products from Target, you are able to return them,” she explains.

It *usually* doesn’t matter the state of wear, either.

As she lists, “…ripped, stained, falling apart” with a chuckle.

Source: TikTok/@kbyee424

She continued detailing the “how,” which is the most important bit here.

“All they’re looking for is that teeny little tag [on the item] that says the year you purchased it.”

And she emphasized the importance of using the Target Circle app, which “keeps a copy of every single digital receipt.”

Source: TikTok/@kbyee424

Now there‘s some insider information we’ve been looking for in the never-ending price wars!

Check out her full explanation here:


My kids will be wearing cat & jack u til further notice 😅 #catandjacktarget #kbyee424 #target #singlemom

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Let’s see what folks had to say.

A couple people discussed their Target’s policy, and the importance of that receipt.

Source: TikTok/@kbyee424

One person was extremely grateful for this tip!

Source: TikTok/@kbyee424

While another person basically quoted Adam Sandler, “that would have been good to know YESTERDAY!”

Source: TikTok/@kbyee424

Shots fired in the price wars!