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Neighbor With A Problem Kept Dumping His Bottles In A Yard Down The Street, So A Homeowner Exposes His Issues To His Wife

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

This story is equal parts funny and sad.

Funny because we all love a good revenge story and sad because this guy obviously has a big problem.

But we think you’ll enjoy it any way you slice it!

Check out what happened!

Kept finding bottles of peppermint schnapps in my yard. I collected then waited.

“I bought a house on a corner when I moved to this area. I kept the yard cut and clean.

The trash was piling up.

This corner seems to be a place where trash was thrown out regularly. From the beginning I kept finding peppermint schnapps pints along one of the fence lines. The first one I hit with a mower. It seemed every day I would see one on my property in the same spot. I knew it had to be a neighbor, so I quit throwing them in the recycling bin and started to collect one after another.

I hoped to eventually find whoever had this bad habit. I filled one huge contractor bag. Then one turned into two. One day I was off early and trimming the hedges by the house. Then I heard it. A thunk followed by something hitting the fence. I finally caught the litter bug. Now i have the car and driver. I jumped in my truck and headed the direction the guy went. He had just got out of the car and went inside.

I drove back home and loaded the heavy bags of glass pints. Later that evening i went to this mans house. There was another car in the driveway. I got out, rang the doorbell and walked back to get the bags. An older woman answered the door as i was coming back.

Here it comes!

She asked if she could help me. I said yes. I told her that ive dealt with this problem and was tired of it. The husband had now come outside. I took one bag and dumped it on the driveway. Bottles broke and flopped around. I grabbed the other bag and did the same.

I told them that i was sick of picking up after him and had better not see another pint in my yard. She immediately turned to him and started yelling.

Apparently he had a bad drinking problem and promised that he quit. He would down the pint before he got home and my yard was his dumping zone. I never did see another bottle of Schnapps after this.”

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Hopefully this guy gets his act together.

We wish him well!

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