February 20, 2024 at 10:37 pm

Nursing Home Manager Scolded A Worker Who Went Above And Beyond, So They Erased Their Contributions And Made The Manager Look Terrible

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@JigUhLiBum

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“I worked in a retirement home as the only nurse on during any said shift and worked graveyard shifts.

Even this shift was jam packed with duties because they didn’t ever want us to be “bored”. A good 1/3 of these duties involve cleaning that got overlapped by housekeeping at least once a week.

They got a request from their manager.

I’m fairly creative and my managers knew this. My one manager asked me to do window art paintings to make the place seem more festive for a super important party they were throwing for the public.

They were going out of their way to make it look nicer than usual because their bosses and the owners were going to attend, as well as local news. I agreed to do the painting (for free) because it sounded fun.

They asked me a week before the party so I figured I would just use my one hour total break time during a shift to do the painting instead of coming in on my one day off that week. The paintings were all over the glass doors and floor to ceiling windows so it took some time.

It took a while to finish…

I spent 5 of my shifts doing them and the night before the party I finally finished. I painted the hour closer to the beginning of my shift to finish it on day 5. The rest of the shift was insane with emergencies that only I could tend to because I am the only actual nurse on duty.

Needless to say a lot of the little cleaning things didn’t get done, such as cleaning windows and mopping the floor. I left the manager a note of all the cleaning duties that I didn’t have time for because I usually finish all my duties and like to keep them informed when I am unable to.

It was a big hit.

I come in through the front doors on my last night shift and smile because the painting is exactly what I envisioned and it’s finally done. I got a lot of texts from coworkers and managers saying how much they loved the paintings and how it will be perfect for pictures.

With almost everyone…

In my med room is a note with my name on it. My manager wrote me a note saying it was “unacceptable” that these duties were unfinished and I should not have wasted company time doing the painting instead of my duties. Mind you, I had told her I would only be using my break times to do the paintings when I was initially asked to do them.

There were cameras pointing at the areas I was painting so she was able to see that I never spent more than an hour per shift painting. I’m so mad at this point reading the letter. My shift finishes at 7am and the party is set to start at 11am.

Cue malicious compliance.

The fun is over!

I washed the hell out of those windows that night. Goodbye art. I went home before that manager got there so I didn’t have to explain.

My coworkers told me the other managers were all mad at her for ruining the photo op spot and understood why I cleaned it off. Still makes me smile thinking about it.”

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