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Parents Demand That Daughter Pay For Her Struggling Sister To Go On A Family Cruise, But She’s Not Having Any Of It

by Matthew Gilligan

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Some people can be so pushy

And that can be especially stressful when a whole bunch of people make irrational demands of you!

The woman who wrote this story on Reddit is having some serious issues with her family and she wants to know if she’s acting like an *******.

Get the whole story below and see what you think.

AITA For Refusing To Pay For My Sister’s Cruise.

“My (19f) grandparents are celebrating 50 years of marriage this year and have invited the whole family to go with them on a cruise for a family reunion.

That means all six of their children and their extended family (roughly 125 people) are going on a week-long vacation in March.

Things aren’t rosy all around…

I adore my grandparents but have a complicated relationship with my parents. In short, they’re incredibly emotionally immature and care entirely too much about how they appear to others and not enough about how we as a family are functioning.

Because of this, one of my older sisters, Brittany (20f), has fallen into addiction. Though I’ve tried my best to help her, without the support of my parents there’s very little I can actually do.

She’s gone the extra mile for her sister.

They told me it was my responsibility to take care of her, so when she lost everything after her DUI my senior year in high school, I completely rearranged my life to cater to her.

I stayed home my first year of college and took her to and from all of her appointments, took her to work and school, etc. I sacrificed my life so that it looked like our family was functioning even though we weren’t.

Unfortunately with addiction, there’s always the chance of relapse and my sister relapsed hard. She OD and I found her and had to rush her to the hospital. Still, my parents refused reasonable help.

So, I stopped doing everything and decided to go to the school of my dreams and live my own life. After a week of having to actually parent, I got the “apology” call and the request to support her again. I denied them, and have 100% been independent since.

Which brings us back to the cruise.

Her parents rang her up.

Last week my parents called to inform me that I’m expected to go on this cruise and pay for everything myself- which is fine. I’m adult. However, I was not expecting to pay for Brittany.

My parents said without reliable transportation, she’s been unable to maintain a steady income and it’s my fault for moving away, so it’s reasonable for me to pay for her and have her pay me back.

I told them no and asked why they couldn’t. Turns out, in addition to paying for my younger sister Callie (16f), they’ve also decided to pay for my nieces (2f, 3f, 5f) and two step sisters (28f, 24f). I double downed- I’m paying for my own school and don’t want to dip into my savings when I know I won’t get paid back.

But now I’m getting non-stop **** messages from the rest of the family.

I don’t think I’m being unreasonable, but with my grandparents are calling me begging me to go on the cruise and to just go ahead and pay for my sister, I’m wavering.

AITA if I still refuse?”

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I think they’re doing the right thing.

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