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School Rules Strictly Forbid Wild Haircuts, So This Student Decided To Wear A Silly Wig To Point Out The Hypocrisy

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

If you know you’re going to upset the folks in charge, you might as well be creative about it.

And that’s a fact, Jack!

Check out what this person did all the way back in high school, we think you’ll get a big kick out of it!

Mohawks against school policy? OK.

“Almost a few decades ago, in high school, some friends decided to cut our hair into Mohawks to celebrate making the playoffs for our sport.

He was breakin’ the rules…

The only problem was we went to a private school with a strict hair and dress policy. Several of us thought we might get by with it since sports were a big deal at this school and everyone was very excited for the upcoming playoffs.

When Monday approached, we realized we were wrong. As one of our friends arrived at school, he was promptly greeted by the Administration and forced to leave until his hair was back in compliance.

He returned later that day with a shaved head (along we a few other friends who were also sent home).

Rules are rules, technically…

What was the policy you might ask? It was your stereotypical collared shirt and khaki shorts/pants uniform, and it did specifically state ‘no mohawks’. It also stated hair for males must ‘not be touching or beyond the shirt collar’ and ‘must not cover more than 3/4 of either ear’.

But they were prepared.

Thanks to my undiagnosed ADHD and hyperfocus not allowing me to assume anything, I had done my homework the weekend before and came prepared.

You see, my aunt was big into wigs in the ’70s and she just so happened to still have a short-haired wig that would pass dress code.

As soon as my first friend got nabbed, I pulled the wig out of my backpack and put it on. The Administration knew I had a Mohawk and thought I snuck by, but when they caught up to me in class they were baffled.

Walked up to me and mouth open ready to pounce, only to notice and start to take in my wig…in all of it’s horrendous, but dress code conforming, glory.

Thankfully no bickering began, but you better believe that for the NEXT MONTH, they checked on me daily.

The season ended, I shaved my head, graduated and thought that was the end.

You can probably guess what happened next…

The next year, at college, I get a text from a friend’s mom (who worked at the school). No words, just a picture. The new handbook now included two more words: ‘No Wigs.’

So while many may have left positive, lasting effects on their school, I will always be the kid who MC’d his way to the creation of a new rule.”

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You know someone did something right when they decide to change the rules.

Nice work!

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