February 29, 2024 at 7:25 pm

She Answered Her Partner’s Question Honestly, But He Said She Was Just Spreading Negativity

by Trisha Leigh

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It’s funny the little things that can really get under your skin in a long-term relationship.

Like, even if you know it’s a little thing, it can still be tough to let it go in the moment (or even longer).

OP is not a morning person and was disturbed before her alarm.

Me 28F my partner 26M. Together 2.5yrs, living together 2yrs. No kids.

So i’m pretty talkative but like quietness in the morning before work. I was woken up to a knocking on the front door 7:20am before my alarm was due to go off 7:30am.

I got back into bed after letting the cleaner in and my partner cuddled me from behind asking if I slept OK.

When her partner asked an innocuous question, she gave a one-word answer.

Truthfully, I said “no”, he rolled over to the other side and I proceeded to get ready for work.

We had some minor interactions throughout and I kissed him goodbye and wished him a good day.

He was huffy.

He then said “sorry for whatever I did wrong.”

Confused I said “wdym? you didn’t do anything” he said I was clearly angry…

I said I wasn’t and asked what he meant.

Later, he told her it was because she started his day off on the wrong foot.

Turns out his perspective is that I shouldn’t just say “no” and that I need to give context such as why I slept badly otherwise i’m just spreading negativity and starting his day shit. I kinda lost it.

I’m not really a morning person and had a short fuse… possibly bc of my disturbed sleep.

Anyway we argued when I came home and he stood by his point that I can’t start the day badly otherwise it ruins everyone’s day.

She’s wondering if he has a point.

SO am I the a—— ?

I shouldn’t lie and say “it’s fine” when it’s not but also I’m expected to give a detailed report when I’m barely awake, don’t want to talk yet and tbh it feels self-serving.

If my partner said he didn’t sleep well, I’d move closer and ask why, I wouldn’t roll away and be annoyed they are spreading negativity. I could be wrong tho.

Life is pretty great maybe I should just appreciate more and be thankful I even have a bed, am able to sleep and a job to go to and a cleaner to let in and my answer should for those reasons alone always be “good”.

Help me out. It’s pretty minor but we were really arguing about this so perhaps I’m the asshole. (we’re all good now but I want to avoid this in future).

These kind of stories are what Reddit was made for!

The top comment says OP is off the hook.

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This person agrees it was his mood to manage, and hers was hers.

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And this commenter agrees he wasn’t really looking for an answer.

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No one should have to walk on eggshells at home.

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He should get to know her better.

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More than that, he should accept her, if he really loves her.

This is one of those things that seems small but maybe it really isn’t.

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