February 23, 2024 at 10:34 pm

She Won The Lottery And Will Get $44 Million. Now Her Boyfriend Of 4 Years Wants A Cut, But She Doesn’t Think He Should Get Anything.

by Trisha Leigh

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It’s a sad fact of life that money can change things – people, circumstances, relationships, the whole bag of apples.

On the upside, coming into a windfall is a quick way to figure out who is in your life for the right reasons.

OP won a substantial amount in the lottery.

Last month, during my (f35) birthday, I went out and bought myself a lottery ticket.

Just one ticket to commemorate my first birthday without my grandma, she passed two weeks prior.

Two days ago, I found out that I won. I received the news while hanging out with my partner (M53) of 4 years.

In my country, jackpot winnings are not taxed, therefore if you win 44 mil, you got 44 mil.

I have 6 months to claim the money from the board.

I am currently renting an apartment, his house is still on mortgage. Our cars are both paid off and I am a local tv producer and he’s a tv director.

I am in no rush to claim the money because I think I have 6 months to do so.

Her boyfriend assumed he would get some of it.

So last night, he asked me about what am I going to do with the money.

Told him I’ve been eyeing a new warehouse which costs around 1.3 mil, showed him how I’m going to convert that warehouse into an industrial loft.

He asked about car, so I said maybe I’ll get a new car but I’ll keep the old one because it’s my first car.

Suddenly he said he called the bank earlier and asked how much left for his house’s full settlement and banker said, he owes 230k more.

I kept quiet. Then he said, he’d love a new Corolla Cross hybrid.

Told him I didn’t think to count him in on the math of dividing the winning. In fact, I don’t really plan anything yet.

She’s not sure why.

He said, even if I give him 1 mil, it won’t make a dent on the amount I am about to receive.

He cannot believe that I have no intention of sharing the wealth after 4 years of being together.

Plus it’s mere luck, it’s not like I work my rear off to get that much amount of money.

OP also isn’t sure if she’s the a—— here.

He left my house abruptly after that. He’s not angry, just frustrated.

He didn’t call me an a—— but I feel like I am one.

That’s what Reddit is for!

The top comment urges OP to really look after this cash.

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This person thinks OP’s boyfriend is showing his true colors.

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We all know what assuming can do…

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Maybe it’s just a different sort of perspective.

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I kind of think she’s a jerk.

But you know. Not technically.

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