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She Won’t Allow Meat To Be Cooked In Her House. Now Her Dad Is Upset With Her For Being So Strict.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@joseignaciopompe

Your house, your rules…

That seems like a pretty simple rule to live by, don’t you think?

I sure do!

But some people just can’t seem to grasp that concept…like this woman’s parents.

Is she being unreasonable?

Check out her story below and see what you think.

AITA for not allowing my parents to cook meat in my home?

“I (24f) have been vegetarian for several years, my parents decided that I could either eat their food or buy my own, and I have bought my own food since I was 16.

Not everyone is on the same page.

There were times they could have easily made minor changes so I could eat with them (like not adding bacon bits to the salad until after it’s served, or using butter/oil instead of bacon grease) but they never did. They don’t really accept me not eating meat, especially my dad.

Anyways, they needed a place to stay near where I lived, and after some pushing I agreed to let them stay with me for one weekend. I got several options for them for food.

Breakfast: Yogurt parfait, sourdough bread (homemade) and croissants, a bunch of things to put on bread, eggs, OJ, coffee and tea.

Lunch: soups (tomato and potato leek), grilled cheese / bread rolls.

Dinner: eggplant parm with salad and garlic bread one day, and chili with rice, sour cream and cheese for the next.

Her dad wasn’t impressed…

These are all things they can eat and enjoyed eating in the past (though usually with meat mixed in/as a side). I’ve provided more for them then they have for me. But according to my dad it wasn’t enough.

He insisted on going on to buy some ground beef to mix into the chili the second evening. I told him he’s free to go out to eat, but he can’t cook it in my kitchen.


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To each their own, I guess.

Gotta respect the rules of the house!

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