February 16, 2024 at 2:33 am

Should A Grown Woman Have To Share Her College Graduation Party With A Kindergartner?

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@brettgarwood

I’m gonna go on the record here and say that this story is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.

But that’s just my opinion!

Read it for yourself and see if you think this woman acted like a jerk.

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AITA for refusing a joint graduation party with a child?

“I (24f) am graduating college this year. I dropped out at 18 for financial reasons and then went to community college.

She’s come a long way.

I graduated during the pandemic and transferred, taking 4 years at university since I worked and went as a part time student.

I’ll be attending a credential program this fall and working in child development. I am having a small graduation party in June with my friends and family at my parents’ house.

And then her mom called…

My mom (51f) called me and said that a family friend Amy (24f) suggested that we have a joint party because her daughter Lila is graduating from kindergarten and said that Lila looks up to me and wants to share the party with me and we could save money.

I said absolutely not and that my graduation party would be boring for Lila and her friends.

I would have to tell my friends not to swear or talk about anything adult, and nobody would want to hear about me or my degree because everyone would be focusing on the baby.

My mom told Amy no.

Uh oh…

Amy sent me a message saying that I broke Lila’s heart and I’m being ”self involved” and jealous of a 6 year old stealing the spotlight.

Amy said that she deserves just as much recognition for raising kids and getting to this milestone as a parent and I said she sure does and she can do that at her own celebration, not at mine.

She said “college isn’t a big deal, get over yourself“ and that I made a child cry because I wanted the attention to myself.”

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No way I’d be doing this!

Gimme a break!

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