February 21, 2024 at 11:31 am

Single Mom Of 5 Walks Us Through A Tour Of Her 1-Bedroom Apartment. The Cleanliness Levels Are Off The Charts Impressive.

by Chris Allen

1 Bedroom 5 Kids Single Mom Of 5 Walks Us Through A Tour Of Her 1 Bedroom Apartment. The Cleanliness Levels Are Off The Charts Impressive.

Being a single-mother has to be one of the most stressful, life-altering things a person can go through.

It can be extremely rewarding, but it’s such a constant, all-eyes-on-you day-to-day that it can really get the best of a lot of people.

Everytime we think of a single mother with multiple kids, the vision of their home has to be one of pure chaos.

And ya know what? I think we’d give them a pass every time.

Because would we fare better ourselves?

Well one woman on TikTok named Leticia set the bar really high.

Take a look.

Source: TikTok/@leticia_colorado5

She takes us through a tour of her 1-bedroom while explaining the setup.

“Yes this is where we sleep. Me and my 3 youngest”, she tells the camera as she points to her bed.

The really impressive part obviously is how she keeps everything organized!

Source: TikTok/@leticia_colorado5

She then moves to the actual bedroom, saying

“This is the 1 bedroom that I did decide to give to my 11-year old, as I did feel like she needed the privacy more than me.”

She concludes with something that people just loved to hear:

“My kids are happy, they’re healthy, they’re well taken-care-of”

Source: TikTok/@leticia_colorado5

Check out her walkthrough here:


5 kids 1bd room apartment here is how i do it. #5kids#1bdroom#singlemom #fyp#viral

♬ original sound – Leticia C.

Take a look at folks’ (mostly) positive reactions.

Like this commenter, who really applauded the bedroom choice for the daughter.

Source: TikTok/@leticia_colorado5

Another person sees the real root cause of having to force 6 people into a 1-bedroom apartment.

Source: TikTok/@leticia_colorado5

While one TikToker calls out what it’s like to be grateful. A word we could all use a lot more.

Source: TikTok/@leticia_colorado5

I mean I’m just impressed.

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