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Sister Wants Her Twin To Invite Her And The Whole Family On A Special Trip to Japan, But She Just Wants To Go With Her Boyfriend

by Matthew Gilligan

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I’m at the age now where there’s no way in HELL that I’m traveling with people I’m not totally comfortable with.

Why would I?

It costs a lot of cash to go out of town on a trip!

So I’m on this woman’s side…

But you gotta make up your own mind!

Read on and see what you think.

AITA for not inviting my twin sister, and her family on me and my boyfriend’s trip to Japan?

“We’re all from Ireland but my boyfriend(26M) is half Japanese, his dad and his dad’s family are from Japan, and he spent his first 12 years there, but his mum and her family are from Ireland.

My boyfriend and his family go yearly to Japan, and before Christmas they asked if I’d(23F) like to go in March & April which will be our 1 year anniversary, I of course said yes, I’ve never left the country, and I’d like to meet the rest of his family, so it was a nice early Christmas present.

Oh boy, here we go…

My twin sister(23F) and her boyfriend(28M) found out and thought they were getting invited too along with their 2 kids(5F, 4M) and when I told them it wasn’t going to happen they got really angry at me.

It wasn’t up to me to invite anyone and if it was I still wouldn’t invite them to the first time I’m meeting the rest of my boyfriend’s family.

This guy sounds like a piece of work.

My sisters boyfriend is a huge weeb for lack of a better term, obsessed with one small part of Japanese culture, and when he first met my boyfriend he said “I can speak Japanese” to which he was quickly embarrassed.

But anyway they’ve been trying to guilt trip me and my boyfriend saying how they’d “do the same for me” even though they didn’t when they went on holiday, which I’m not bad about. That hasn’t been working so recently they’ve been talking bad about me and my boyfriend to my family.

She feels cornered.

My whole family is taking their side, saying that I should just invite them. But no one seems to understand that it’s not up to me.

I mean they’re more than welcome to buy their own tickets and pay for their own hotel, but no one in my family seems to understand that my boyfriend only gets to see this part of the family once a year, it’s my first time meeting that part of the family, and it’s our one year anniversary, they just think I have some duty to my twin sister and my niece and nephew.

I’ve been feeling really bad about it and my boyfriend has been trying to comfort me

I want an outside opinion


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Yeah, this people can stay at home.

Three’s a crowd… five’s a basketball team!

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