February 6, 2024 at 2:32 pm

‘I shall yam forever!’ – Sneaky Walmart Shopper Left Yams On Their Service Desk For Two Years And Somebody Finally Caught Them

by Laura Lynott

Source: X/@boople_snoot

What is life without a good helping of comedy and yams? Well, I think you’d find THAT wouldn’t be a life worth living at all.

From the moment we hit junior high, it’s pretty apparent you need a sense of humor and that one kid in class, the comedian, if he or she didn’t go far academically, they’ll always be loved by those they entertain, right!

So, that’s possibly where this Walmart shopper was coming from.

Source: X/@boople_snoot

@boople_snoot told their followers on X: “Today, after almost 2 years of leaving a yam on the Walmart customer service desk nearly every week, I was approached by 2 managers who cornered me as I was headed to checkout. Without any other introduction, they looked me in the eyes and whispered …. ‘why yams?…”

In May 2023, the shopper wrote on X: “Every time I go to Walmart I leave a single packaged yam on their back customer service counter and I’ve done it 58 times now and no one has caught me yet. These are all different Yammenings. I will never be stopped. The Yammening Is upon you.”

Source: X/@boople_snoot

@boople_snoot added “my heart dropped… I have been caught … I said … ‘um.. it’s sort of like a prank!’ and they both laughed. I felt immediate relief, and they proceeded to explain that over the last year it’s been driving them insane, they thought it was one of the employees pranking them…”

In the end a staff member checked the cameras and caught the yam prankster. She apologized for doing it but hey, this was surely just funny and no need for a sorry!

Source: X/@boople_snoot

“Eh the jig is up i guess so much for the yamming,” she wrote. But then after a chat with the two workers, it appeared, she might even attempt to go back at it again!

“They agreed to not tell anyone it’s me and they gave me permission to keep doing it because they also think it’s funny .. so.. I SHALL YAM FOREVER. YAM FOR ETERNITY. YAM WILL NEVER STOP.”

You gotta love a practical joker. Where would this world be without them!

Here’s what people thought of the yamtastic prank:


Source: X/@boople_snoot

Yay! Bring it.

Source: X/@boople_snoot

The legend of yam.

Source: X/@boople_snoot

Keep on yamming, fam!

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