February 24, 2024 at 1:41 pm

Somebody Put Their Clothes In This Guy’s Dryer At The Laundromat, So He Straight Up Yoinked Them. – ‘Imma get free clothes is what’s gonna happen.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@adrian_peru

Putting your laundry in the laundromat used to be the safest thing you could do, really.

But no more. It appears there’s laundry jackers and they’ll literally put their clothes in with yours to save on the payment! Wild.

Source: TikTok/@adrian_peru

@adrian_peru told his followers on TikTok: “So, someone decided to get a free dry with me, right? I come to my dryer I’m like ‘what the f***k, this is not my clothes. I check the other one and I was like maybe I left it here.”

But no, he had not made any mistakes – someone else had and they were about to pay for it!

Source: TikTok/@adrian_peru

He added: “No, this is my clothes, just somebody mixed in their clothes with mine. Echo Unlimited, I haven’t worn that since like I was eight- years-old.”

He continued: “This big *** shirt. Jeans? I don’t wear jeans like this. Lee? Bro…oh my God. American shorts, oh hell no. He tried to get a free dry, throwing it in with my clothes? Nah bruh, I’mma get free clothes is what’s gonna happen. I’m gonna take this to my apartment, check it out.”

Source: TikTok/@adrian_peru

The TikToker then holds a fashion show in his kitchen, wearing this other guy’s threads. Cold!

Watch the full clip here:


This has been my best Haul EVER 😎 #90sStyle #souljaboytellem #Crankdat #oversized #FreeLoad #Haul

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Here’s what people thought of the laundry jacker!

Someone ain’t impressed!

Source: TikTok/@adrian_peru

This is a kind take on the situation.

Source: TikTok/@adrian_peru

That would not be a good feeling!

Source: TikTok/@adrian_peru

Hey, I wouldn’t do this… but that guy had it coming.

No regrets!

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