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Stepdaughter Keeps Leaving A Door Open, So He Taughter Her A Lesson By Locking Her Out

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@dimaondgeezer

I’m not sure what to say about this one

Is it safe to lock a woman out of a house, regardless of what she did?

Hmmmm…something to think about…

Read what this guy had to say about his stepdaughter and see what you think.

AITA for locking my nearly 23 year old step-daughter out of the house after her ongoing disrespect?

“This is not the first time we’ve made requests of my adult (intelligent) step daughter who’s working as a server living with us the last 9 months after dropping out of college.

She keeps making the same mistake…

She’s usually the last one home at night & closing the door between the driveway & garage has become a challenge – several (5/6) times in the last 12 weeks it is inches ajar the next day.

**There is no mechanical impediment to it closing**

Recently I explained in cold weather mice/vermin/skunk are likely to come in & nest. We asked her to close & lock the door hoping this would help follow through.

Working long hours, we often don’t see her for more than a few minutes in a day. We’ve taken to texting photos of the messes left behind (she’s a Grade-A slob) asking for her help/consideration.

They’re being firm with her.

She constantly apologizes without modifying her behavior to the point where my wife (her mom) told her some weeks back, “I don’t believe you, I don’t believe you are sorry because you are not modifying your behavior”. I began using this terminology myself.

This resulted in occasions where I sent photos of, “problems” only for them to be ignored. When confronted, we got the reply, “well I didn’t know what to say, because if I said I was sorry you wouldn’t believe it, so I just said nothing.” We let her know that no reply was worse than any other option at all.

He put his foot down.

She’s been on our phone bill paying $15/mth for unlimited everything with a top tier carrier – the best phone deal anyone could have, but required nudging many months for payment – again – she is currently making $1,000+/wk. It has been made clear to her that not responding to our texts and/or not staying current with her bill will result in dropping her from the plan.

My wife has been out of town this week & we’ve had a really good week – I’ve been taking favorite, “dinner requests” from her for the nights she has been home. Low drama.

And it happened again.

Wednesday morning is literally freezing where we live & the garage door is open again – I text her a photo captioned ANNOYING! go work out & she’s gone when I get home. I do not get any text response all day – nothing.

As the third parent in the mix my vote has (probably rightly) only ever carried little weight, but after suggesting she wasn’t ready to go to college (& being overruled) & the following day suggesting it again when she was suddenly $4,400 short since the prior day… overruled again. You see the pattern here? No consequences… ever.

I have stated that a different approach is the only way to get a different result.

It was time to try something new.

So, I lock the door she can’t get in. Instead of arriving home at 10 she gets home at midnight, I’m fast asleep – she can’t get in & sleeps at friends. Note we live somewhere very safe, I knew she had multiple friend options and that’s what actually happened.

I told her she needs to get her own phone bill, she’s off ours. Wife is livid with me.


Here’s how Reddit users reacted.

This person thinks everyone in this story sucks.

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Another reader talked about crimes of opportunity.

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This individual seems to think he didn’t do anything wrong.

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Another individual thinks the stepdaughter is to blame.

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And another reader broke it all down…

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Sounds like everybody needs to take a chill pill and make amends.

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