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Student Annoyed His Teacher In The Best Possible Way So He Could Be Sent Home After Finishing His Finals

by Chris Allen

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pixabay

Persistence is key.

And sometimes growing up with strict parents can mold an exacting response to a really annoying situation in the best possible way.

This short story is how knowing the rules, and knowing just which buttons to push can steer an outcome your way.

But only the practised and patient may wield it.

Like this Redditor here.

I convinced my teacher to let me leave class 2 hours early by doing…basically nothing

For context, I’m attending a trade school right now. The school only enrolls you in one class at a time, and each class lasts 3 weeks. The classes are Monday-Friday, and they’re 3 hours long (9:30-12:30).

The last two days of each rotation are exam days, and on those days the teachers will usually let you leave as soon as you finish your exams. I’m currently just over halfway done with school, and I have perfect attendance.

I could leave class early without permission, but I would have to take an infraction, which would ruin my perfect attendance.

He explains the setup of the test day. Lots of quizzes and finals. All of them taking only 1 hour for Mr. OP.

But the teacher just had to inconvenience him, huh?

So yesterday, we were doing the online final, the written final, and quiz retakes. I finished everything after about an hour, turned my papers in, and asked “so am I good to go?” The teacher, who we’ll call Mr. D, said “no, you need to stay until 12:30.”

Cue malicious compliance.

I decided that instead of absent mindedly scrolling Reddit for 2 f***ing hours, I would mess with the teacher and hopefully make him regret keeping me there for no reason.

It was so simple, and yet so so effective.

I can picture it now.

This particular classroom is set up with two long tables for the students to sit at, with the teacher’s desk at the end of one of the long tables. I went back to my seat, pulled my chair out, and faced it towards him. I sat down, folded my hands over my lap, and just stared at him.

I even tried on a subtle creepy smile. I grew up with strict parents, so I knew that I could’ve easily kept that up for 2 hours if I wanted to. He glanced my way a few times.

And wouldn’t ya know it, it worked like a charm.

He started to look uncomfortable. After just 10 minutes, he finally said “oh my god, are you done with everything? All your labs, homework, everything?” “Yes sir.” “Ok fine, goodbye, go home. Jesus.”

I went home and thoroughly enjoyed my victory nap.

Let’s see what folks had to say.

One person highlighted a brand new phrase, and we’re all here for it.

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Another commenter saw a bright future for OP.

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

While another Redditor saw the beautifully frustrating irony in this story.

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

Victory naps = victory claps.

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