February 13, 2024 at 7:29 am

Teacher Learned The Hard Way That Some Kids Take Everything Literally

by Trisha Leigh

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Teaching is a rough gig, but it’s one that many people grow into the longer they do it – they learn all of the tricks, and all of the ways to get kids around to their point of view.

And yeah, you have to be careful when you choose your words.

OP was eight when his teacher criticized his word choice in a creative writing assignment.

My dad reminded me of this early example of my occasional malicious compliance based on extreme literalism.

The setting: I was in Primary School, about 8 years old, the class focusing on ‘creative’ writing.

In my first story I used the word “got” in a sentence along the lines of “The bear got to London”

The feedback my teacher gave me was that I should use “arrived at” rather than “got” , for reasons I can no longer recall, if I ever did, but presumably because it sounded better or at least increased the word count.

He took that criticism to heart.

My next assignment was entitled “How the Cherry Tree Arrived at its Blossom”.

That particular teacher never quite dared to criticise my word choice after that!

Did this one make Reddit chuckle? Let’s find out!

The top comment really nailed it.

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This person has a good story, too.

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Right or wrong, they all taught it.

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Some kids really go that extra mile.

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Being a teacher does have its upsides.

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I imagine his teacher learned something through this process as well.

Which is honestly how it should be.

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