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Teenager’s Dad Wants To Know What His Mom Is Doing After They Separated, But He Tells Him It’s None Of His Business

by Ryan McCarthy

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Any child of divorce knows that growing up with separated parents is not a lot of fun, to say the least.

Going back and forth from parent to parent, having to schedule two celebrations for each holiday, and worst of all, your parents always being up in each others’ business!

“What are they doing?” or “Are they seeing anyone?”  And it inevitably is always you put in the middle of things! Ugh!

Well this user learned that struggle first hand when his Dad got his nose bent out of joint about his Mom finally moving on and going on a date!

But this story might not have the ending you’d expect, check it out!

AITA for telling my dad that my mom isn’t his business anymore.

My 17m parents divorced when I was born.

I never got the full story from either of them but my aunt told me it was because my dad missed my birth because of his ex-girlfriend Mia (who is still in his life).

Mia is a spoilt, annoying woman who’s unbearable when my father isn’t paying attention to her.

They aren’t dating again but have been best friends since childhood so they’re still close.

But when OP’s Mom finally decided to move on, Dad was none too happy.

Recently my mom has had more free time because she started going on dates.

She asked my dad if I could stay with him on one of her days and when he came to pick me up he saw that she was all dressed up.

He asked me where she was going and I told him the truth.

He got upset and started asking me more questions and I got frustrated and told him ‘What Mom does isn’t your business anymore. She’s not your wife.’

And so Dad found out a lesson as old as time itself, espoused most recently by our most beloved Lizzo: The truth hurts.

He got quiet and when we went home he didn’t speak to me and just went to sleep.

When Mia came over the next morning he didn’t speak to her either and I don’t think he’s spoken to her since.

I think he told my aunt what happened, and then she told my mom because they’ve both been saying what I said was harsh.

I mean I just told him the truth. They’ve been divorced for years now. Aita?

But just when the story seemed like it was over, OP added an update that completely changed the game!

I decided I wanted to talk to both of my parents. I told them that I’m not going to be put in the middle of anymore situations like this.

It makes me uncomfortable and I love them both equally despite my upbringing. They understood and apologized, especially my dad.

I also told him that Mia isn’t healthy and he shouldn’t be enabling her.

And with all of that off his chest, OP’s parents hit him with a surprising bit of information!

I was shocked to find out that my parents have been talking since the incident last week and decided to try again.

My father said he would be going to therapy and he and my mom would do couples counseling and if I’d like to try family therapy they’d be happy to.

They said they both loved each other and realized that fact after their many failed attempts at dating.

Honestly at this point I don’t really care, it may be seventeen years too late but at least they’re trying.

Not the ending I was expecting, but a heartwarming one nonetheless!

It seems like even after seventeen years apart, OP’s simple comment kicked his Dad into gear and made him realize what he had lost.

Reddit absolutely felt for OP, with this pre-update comment even offering to set OP’s Mom up with their own Dad!

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Many felt for OP’s Mom, especially with how hard dating is once you reach a certain age.

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And while many were quick to attack OP’s Dad, some thought the situation was more nuanced.

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This fellow child of divorce absolutely felt OP’s pain.

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And finally this comment commended him for how maturely he handled the whole interaction!

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Divorced for 17 years, then brought back together because of a comment from their son?

Rarely do you see a story with such a happy ending, its like something out of a hallmark movie!

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