February 17, 2024 at 2:44 pm

Toxic Waitresses Gave A New Guy A Hard Time, So A Customer Got Revenge After She Was Given The Wrong Bill

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/@Temporary-King3339

I’ve never understood giving the new person at work a hard time.

I always go out of my way to help people out when they start at a job I happen to be working at, but I’ve definitely had to deal with people like the waitresses you’re going to read about in this story…

But they got a little dose of their own medicine in this Reddit story!

Take a look at what happened…

Mean waitresses left a neophyte waiter out to dry.

I lived in Sedona, AZ but would go down to Phoenix for doctor’s appointments and big city stuff.

I went to a sushi bar and my waiter was this poor college age guy, totally in over his head but trying.

They weren’t going to give this guy a hard time.

He double checked my order, took forever to get my ice tea, and was running all over the place.

Bad service can be aggravating, but he was so panicked I felt sorry for him. I get rattled easily and would be a terrible waitress so I could sympathize.

I could see two female waitresses off in the corner, glaring at him and gossiping.

After I ate, he kind of disappeared. He may have been fired at this point, I don’t really know.

I waved at the two female waiters…nothing.

After about ten more minutes I walked up and asked if I could get my bill.

They huffed and made a comment that I wasn’t their table but would check. I could see more grumbling.

If you’re gonna ignore me…

They brought the check out, and it was the wrong one, about a third less than I had ordered.

I tried to get their attention again, but they weren’t having it. So I went to the register and paid.

After I paid, I said I tried to get your attention and let you know you gave me the wrong bill. I think they thought I was going to ask for a refund.

I just said thanks, my bill was a third what it would have been.

One of the waitresses looked a little panicky and said wait we’ll do it over.

Just said no thanks, I’m fine.

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Those waitresses were NASTY.

I hope they learned a lesson…

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