February 16, 2024 at 4:37 am

‘Why our neighbors have called the police 30 times!’ – This Family’s Patience Are Tested When Dealing With A Nightmare Neighbor

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@boymom4life77

Some people have so little to do in their lives, that they make it a mission to harass others.

When you happen to live next door to someone like that, your life can turn into a living hell.

One woman’s saga on TikTok goes so far as to eventually include land-altering, and even the law.

Staying calm in the face of lunacy like this is always the best course of action.

But so is standing your ground.

Source: TikTok/@boymom4life77

“We exchanged phone numbers, thinking we would be peaceful, and that was a mistake”

She explains that this nightmare neighbor would harass her by text, complaining about every slight wrongdoing by neighborhood children, in her worthless opinion.

Without end.

Source: TikTok/@boymom4life77

She then shows photo proof of land surveyors called by this horrendous neighbor.

On her own land!

“She [the neighbor] immediately becomes irate, starts calling me names”

Oh yeah. We’re dealing with a full blown child here.

Source: TikTok/@boymom4life77

Check out her breakdown here, it’s wild:


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But you also have to see the lengths this family went to, to just be left alone. Like in this video:


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And in this one that truly takes the cake!


We will fight for what is right! #fyp #neighbors #neighborfromhell #fight #river #fishing

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Let’s see what folks had to say about this absurd child of an adult who clearly should be allowed to own a home while the rest of us will probably never be able to.

One TikTok commenter speaks for all of us with this request.

Source: TikTok/@boymom4life77

Another person had some great advice to really nip this before it gets potentially dangerous.

Source: TikTok/@boymom4life77

While OP chimed in on a really great question, to all of our surprise.

Source: TikTok/@boymom4life77

I’ll just dig right around, thank you.

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