February 1, 2024 at 4:39 pm

Woman Points Out How Some Men Have a Problem With How Women Spend Their Time And Money. – ‘Look at all the money you spend on golfing and hunting!’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@rosinaellis

Why can’t people just mind their own business and let people do what they want?

It blows my mind!

And if you agree with me, you’re going to find this video to be very interesting…

A TikTokker named Rose shared a video and sounded off about something that she thinks is very problematic.

She said, “I just think it’s funny that men have hobbies that literally take all ******* day but if their wives or girlfriends went out for more than an hour they’re up their ***, calling them hey what time you coming home? The baby’s crying? Where’s the ******* ketchup? Where are my shoes?”

Rose continued, “You mean to tell me you can go hunting three times a week from dark till dark and you come home and you don’t know where the ketchup is in the fridge but you told me about the deer that you spotted fifteen yards away, babe?”

Source: TikTok/@rosinaellis

She wasn’t done yet…

Rose then said, “And then men will complain that their wife or girlfriend wants to spend money on nails, lashes, hair, fillers, botox, whatever the **** it is, but if you say, look at all the money you spend on golfing and hunting, and they say oh that’s a one time ******* thing, golf clubs are a one-time thing, my hunting rifle is a one-time thing.”

She then talked about another male hobby and said, “How much were those golf clubs? I know you can’t afford really good ones and you got those off Facebook Marketplace, but like what use are you putting to them? Was Tiger Woods at the golf course?”

Source: TikTok/@rosinaellis

Rose continued, “Why the money that you spend towards your golf clubs and your golf shoes and your golf clothes and your ******* golf membership at the whatever ******* country club you’re at, and the beer and the beer girl and lunch, you can [do] that every Sunday?”

She then added, “Add all that money up that could get me filler for six months. I’m confused?”

But it seems like Rose’s bad experiences with men are in the past, because she said, “I am so glad that my husband’s hobby is the ******* gym. I swear, I will never date a hunter ever again. Absolutely not.”

Tell us how you really feel!

Source: TikTok/@rosinaellis

Check out the video.


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Now let’s see how people reacted on TikTok.

One viewer said this reminds her of her husband.

Source: TikTok/@rosinaellis

Another individual is not a fan of this kind of stuff.

Source: TikTok/@rosinaellis

And one TikTokker made the right choice for herself.

Source: TikTok/@rosinaellis

That guy seems a bit out of touch, don’t you think?

That’s an understatement!

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