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Woman Refuses to Move Her Incredibly Long Hair From Man’s Lap, So He Braids It Into Knots Without Her Knowing It

by Addison Sartino

Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge, Pexels

Some strangers seem to have no social etiquette or concern for others.

This woman took to Reddit to share her story.

I went with my husband and parents to see a theater performance years ago. A small budget thing in a small theatre.

The seating was very tight for tall people but we made the best of it.

Because the woman’s husband was so tall, he had no leg room.

The issue was the woman sitting in front of my husband with long hair that went to her thighs.

When she sat down she put her hair over the chair and in to my very tall husband’s lap.

He had zero leg room so anything over the chair was coming in his lap.

Honestly, a little gross, right?

But was it on purpose?

We thought it was unintentional at first.


He politely asked her to move it, she refused. He then kind of plopped it on the floor beside him.

With this she stood up and proceeded to make a scene witnessed by pretty much everyone.

As she sat back down she threw her head and hair in a way that it hit him in his face. My husband gave up too easily, I should have known.

I was paying attention to the play.

The husband was not about to let this woman’s behavior go without consequence.

It wasn’t until the end that I realized my husband discreetly spent the entire play knotting her hair. Nothing that would need to be cut out but it would take her awhile to undo.

He had been braiding and knotting her hair from the bottom up. Definitely not stylish, a thick knot, a mini braid between two knots, a thick knot, a minibraid rolled into a knot, etc…

Thick Boy Scout knots basically, over a foot of them.

While the woman was oblivious to the man’s revenge, other audience members were amused by it.

She hadn’t noticed.

People in rows behind us that had seen her prior outburst saw it and chuckled. My dad saw it and patted my husband on the back.

No one literally said a word. Probably took her a few hours to get the knots out.

I’m sure the story she tells is a very different version. And I’m sure she’s the innocent victim in her version.

I would have felt sorry for her had it not been for her attitude. Anyway, figured my husband came out ahead on that one.

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Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge

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Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge

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Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge

Hopefully this husband won’t be in a hairy situation like this ever again.

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