February 12, 2024 at 5:36 am

Woman Says That Boomer Parents Conveniently Forget The Trauma They Put Their Kids Through

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@kinggordonfam

It’s an insult thrown around by gen Zs and Millennials  – ‘stop being a Boomer.’ But did Boomer parents ever know they were being tough on their kids?

From smacking, to grounding for little to nothing, boomers were hard on their kids – not all of course – but it was kinda a different time to be a parent.

But did they actually know some of the things they did, perceived to be all about structure and respect, could actually put their kids through enduring trauma?

Source: TikTok/@kinggordonfam

To be honest, that’s doubtful as it was just the culture at the time but this woman explains how she still HATES milk, due to the way she was brought up. Ouch.

@kinggordonfam told her followers on TikTok: “I grew up in a household where you have your plate and your milk to get up from the table. And when I didn’t want to pick them up because I didn’t like it and I let it get warm by the end of the meal and I told my parents that I didn’t want to drink it because it got warm.”

Source: TikTok/@kinggordonfam

Fair enough probably to most parents now. But not back then.

Source: TikTok/@kinggordonfam

She added: “And they decided to put ice cubes in it and make me drink it anyways. So I drink my semi warm watered down milk, to get up from the table. And I told my parents this story recently and that’s why I hate milk – because we were talking about childhood and kids and I have a daughter now.”

Milk4 Woman Says That Boomer Parents Conveniently Forget The Trauma They Put Their Kids Through

Is amnesia a thing too with boomers?

She added: “And you know, my mom said that it didn’t happen. So you know, it didn’t happen.”

All I can say is it’s good this generation of parents aren’t as strict on their kids.

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Here’s what people thought of milkgate:


Source: TikTok/@kinggordonfam

It wasn’t how it was back then, I guess.

Source: TikTok/@kinggordonfam


Source: TikTok/@kinggordonfam

Do better boomers!

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