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Woman Shared Why She’s Getting Married But Not Having A Wedding Because Of Her Mental Health And Money

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@knaakwell

I feel this deep in my bones!

No, I’m not married and I’m not getting hitched any time soon…but if I was going to tie the knot, I’d do something like what this woman is planning on doing.

Her name is Lark and she posted a video on TikTok and explained to viewers why she’s not planning on having a traditional wedding.

Source: TikTok/@knaakwell

Lark said, “One of the biggest reasons for me is because I am a very anxious person. I simply cannot imagine standing up there on the altar and having the most intimate moment of my life with my partner while all these eyes are on us, watching us. That is the most uncomfortable, anxiety-provoking thought to me. Like, that actually makes me ill to think about. I’m not even like being dramatic.”

She added, “Anytime that I have attended a wedding, when it comes to the part where they, like, exchange vows and kiss, to me, it feels like when you’re watching a movie with your parents, and a *** scene comes on. Like, it feels so uncomfortable you want to look away.”

Lark also said that there’s a money factor involved, which I’m sure most people can relate to.

Source: TikTok/@knaakwell

She explained, “[With] the planning in general, that’s like the worst thing I could do for my mental health … And no, I’m not paying a few ******* grand to hire somebody to do that for me. My fiance and I want to buy a house.”

Lark continued, “So that’s my priority over having some big extravagant wedding. In today’s world, you just simply can’t afford that unless you have parents that are just throwing money at you, which, in my case, is not the reality. So it would be coming out of my pocket, and I would prefer not to go into debt.”

She also said that she thinks wedding culture is “******* weird.”

Tell us how you really feel!

Source: TikTok/@knaakwell

Here’s what she had to say.


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Let’s see how folks reacted on TikTok.

One person is on the same page as her.

Source: TikTok/@knaakwell

This individual isn’t a fan of this whole thing.

Source: TikTok/@knaakwell

And this TikTokker said it feels like big weddings aren’t even for the folks who are getting married…

Source: TikTok/@knaakwell

Hey, there’s no script for love.

Do what makes you happy!

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