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Woman’s Brother Takes All The Gifts She Gave To Her Parents, So She Solves It By Giving Them Things That Are Impossible To Take

by Ryan McCarthy

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Gift-giving can get a little tricky, especially when your gifts keep falling into the wrong person’s hands.

There’s always the friend who is the first in line to use your restaurant gift card with you, or play your new game as soon as you take the plastic off.

But this user’s brother took things a step too far when he and his family began taking all of the gifts she had given to their parents, forcing her to give them things that were impossible to take!

When her brother got his nose bent out of joint about it, she went to Reddit to see if she was in the wrong.

Check it out!

AITA for only buying my parents stuff that cannot be shared or taken while my brother and his family live with us?

My brother (32) has been knocking up his wife (also 32) since they were in high school. Their oldest is now 13 but they have three more.

She is a stay at home mom and he works as cleaning staff at a FIFO camp.

It’s pretty good money but they waste a lot of it. They have multiple gaming systems and the two oldest kids have very new iPhones.

I 28 live in the loft above my parents garage. I do not pay rent because my folks want me to save up for my future.

I help out around the house and I buy groceries for my parents as well as myself.

But with her unemployed brother and his entire family living in her parent’s basement, things started getting a little hectic.

My brother and his family live in the in-law suite in my parent’s basement.

It was supposed to be a rental to get them some extra money for when they retire but after my brother lost his job because he would not get vaccinated our folks let them move in.

I also loved to buy my parents gifts but my brother and his family always needed exactly what I happened to give them.

For example I brought my mom a very colorful bag from Colombia called a mochila. It is just a woven cotton shoulder bag made with very vibrantly colored yarn.

My 9 year old niece saw it and wanted to use it for a project at school. Where she promptly “lost” it.

But the authentic Colombian bag wasn’t the only gift that got commandeered by her brother.

I got my father a bottle of Van Winkle bourbon since he loves to have a drink after a long day.

My brother and his wife found it and drank it mixed with orange juice because it was so “strong tasting”.

Bourbon and orange juice? Are these people savages? But noticing a trend, OP soon found other ways to pamper her parents.

So now I do other stuff. I took my mom to go see Anastasia and I got us really good seats. No one else was invited.

I took my dad out for a steak dinner and then to a speakeasy in our city and treated him to a $160 cocktail.

These are things my parents love doing but won’t “waste” money on.

I keep the groceries I buy in my loft. I will make meals for my parents and have them over. Or I will bring the ingredients and cook with my dad.

And with his supply of free stuff suddenly cut off, OP’s brother was none too happy.

My brother started asking why I don’t leave the groceries in the freezer, fridge, or pantry that they have access to. And why I stopped buying my parents gifts.

He says that I’m living there for free and I should give them more.

I asked him how much he was paying in rent or how he was contributing to the household.

He said he was tired on the weeks he was home and that his wife and kids were ‘too busy” to help.

Unfortunately his excuse didn’t pull on OP’s heartstrings.

I work a full time job, volunteer at a cat rescue, and do theater and sports as a hobby.

I still manage to help with yard work, housework, errands, and helping with my grandmother who is in a locked in facility for dementia patients.

I pointed this out and he said I was being a jerk. I said I wasn’t stupid enough to leave anything around that he or his family could steal.

Now we are fighting and my parents are upset. His wife called me an asshole for not sharing the treats I buy for my parents.

I can afford to buy treats for my parents and I. But not for five more people who do not contribute.

Gotta admit, it took some pretty big ones to bring up OP’s rent when he was also living there for free. Talk about the pot and the kettle!

Reddit came down hard on her side, with this user pointing out that OP’s living arrangement was her and her parent’s business.

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This user suggested she played coy, and asked why her brother would be upset she had taken their parents out to do something nice.

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And many pointed out how apart from revenge, the time and experiences she was giving her parents would be things they cherished forever.

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This commenter had undergone a similar problem in their family.

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And finally, this user suggested she play dumb and make her brother specify exactly what he was so mad at.

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If you want your kids to have nice things, maybe get a job so you can buy them some.

It shouldn’t be your sister’s job to pamper your children, especially when they already seem to be taking all of grandma and grandpa’s gifts!

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