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A Parent Used His Dwarfism To Keep Her Kid In Line For Christmas, So He Told The Kid He’d Get Everything He Wanted

by Trisha Leigh

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Some people are better than others when it comes to handling awkward situations in public – especially if it involves strangers who look different than the average pedestrian.

That doesn’t mean said different-looking folks want to be involuntarily involved.

OP is a little person and has learned to deal with all kinds of questions – and all kinds of parents.

I have dwarfism, and this often leads to weird interactions in public, especially with kids. Sometimes a kid comes up to me to ask me why I’m so short, and I have a pre-prepared response for that, but most of the time they just loudly ask their parents why I’m so short.

Usually the parents will awkwardly drag their kids away, telling them not to comment on people in public, which is sad but understandable.

I like the parents who just say something about how some people are born like this, and even though we look a bit different we’re still regular people just like everyone else.

Sometimes I hear a gem like “I bet he shrank in the wash”.

Some definitely leave a lot to be desired.

What I can’t stand is when people try to use me to parent their kids.

I’m sure you can think of ways to convince your kids to finish their plate at dinner that don’t involve pointing at a dwarf in public and saying “that’s what happens when you leave food on your plate” or “he didn’t listen to his mommy when she told him to eat all his vegetables”.

It’s rude, it’s humiliating, and it teaches your kid that differences are a bad thing and that people are at fault for their differences or disabilities.

It just makes me mad.

Recently, a mom called him “one of Santa’s elves” – so he played an amazing Uno Reverse.

A few days ago I was in public and a kid who was maybe 4 or 5 years old was acting out, and his mom was clearly struggling to keep him under control.

So she pointed to me and told her son that I was one of Santa’s elves, and I was watching him and would tell Santa about his behavior.

The kid’s name was on a key ring on his backpack so I just said “it’s ok Hunter, you’re already on the nice list, and Santa told me you’re getting an iPad this Christmas.”

Hunter was excited. His mom was not.

The top comment on Reddit thinks the simple answer is usually the best.

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This one is probably fairly acceptable.

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The 80s were a wild time.

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Kids will say the darndest things.

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It’s best to try to keep it in stride.

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I am still chuckling over this.

If the mom doesn’t learn her lesson after this, she never will.

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