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A Staff Member Lied To Them About Office Rules, So They Made Sure To Let The CEO Know In The Most Embarrassing Way Possible

by Trisha Leigh

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I think it’s probably pretty normal for longtime staff to try to take advantage of the newbies at work.

That said, sometimes it doesn’t work out the way they expected.

OP started a new job and was told by a kitchen staff member how things worked.

When I first started to my very first corporate job, there was a kitchen, full of utensils, and fridge and oven and stove… and a dishwasher. a full fledged kitchen for employees to make tea, coffee, heat their meals, even cook.

They said I can bring my own glasses and put them there or use the company’s. Also, there was a woman who was working in the kitchen. Let’s call her Nilly since she puts rules willy nilly like a bully.

Second day of my job dear Nilly told me “let me remind you that no one should leave their dirty dishes in the sink.”

I was surprised by the claim. Since I am new and don’t know a single thing, I thought this might be her way of bullying or it might be actually true.

So smiled and asked if this means I have to wash my own glasses. She said “yes, don’t make me repeat it twice honey”

Let me remind you, there’s a dishwasher. If she isn’t cleaning the dishes, her only remaining job is vacuum the office once a week and bring tea/coffee to chiefs, to meetings and to managers.

So I decided to gather information and wait on it.

Slowly, he learned that wasn’t how they worked, not really.

Apparently Nilly has been working in the company for 20 years and knows CEO. She knows how he drinks his tea, how he drinks his coffee, when he drinks them, what he eats with his coffee and tea… She knows all of them.

If I know one thing, that is never fight a fight with the person who knows how your boss likes his coffee, especially if you’re replaceable.

So fight was not an option. Cool.

I also learnt that once a week CEO brings a bag of fruits to the kitchen to share in the company. Apparently he has a fruit garden and goes there for weekends. And she would take fruits to her house at the end of the day.

Old employees knew that. They would take one or two in the day, that’s how I learned this. She said to me I can get one from but it is hers.

So I refused the first time offer, thinking she BOUGHT it, then learned that it was brought by CEO. (I think she implied that CEO brought it to her and she was generous enough to share it with us peasants, but this is my interpretation of her statement)

Instead of making waves, he waited for the right opportunity.

One thing about me, I look young and naive. I look dumb. As if there is some missing component in my brain.

Cue malicious compliance.

From my desk I could partially see the kitchen if I turn around. So on the day of fruit delivery I was constantly checking the kitchen.

When CEO came in, I count to 30 and went in as well. To wash my glasses of course.

I went in and said hi to everyone. This was my first time seeing CEO so he said you must be new, kindly and respectfully informed who I am and he told me who he was.

I said sir I’ve checked the company before entering and knew him, which he liked.

After I turned to wash my dishes. He asked me what I was doing and I said “oh I was informed that all the staff wash their own dishes”.

At the same time our Nilly said I must’ve mistaken that while laughing and taking the sponge and glasses out of my hand.

I said but you as if shocked and cut myself as if realization hit me then smiled like she is my best friend.

And played his part perfectly.

Of course I didn’t stop there I looked at the fruits, CEO told me to take some fruits, added that he brought them to the company so all the staff could enjoy.

I haven’t said anything but from my expression, CEO asked what was wrong.

I told nothing and told “I always thought they were Nilly’s since…” then I just smiled and asked if I can take a plate of them.

With a huge plate of fruit accompanied by a huge smile, I went to my desk shared them with my team. I don’t even like fruits.

He even ended up with a few extra perks in the end.

Couple hours later, I went to kitchen and our dear Nilly told me I had misunderstood things and washing dishes was her job and I shouldn’t mistake again.

And added fruits were for everyone to share and I should’ve taken more if I wanted. I stupidly said oh I didn’t know and how sorry I am to cause her trouble with a sorry smile.

Guess who never had to wash dishes and had fruits to eat everyday?

If your answer is Cleopatra, probably yes, but also me. Nilly would also bring tea and coffee to me from time to time, if someone she served did not want to drink.

I would thank her with a huge smile and take it. Apparently she does this to all the employees she likes.

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