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An Older Man Demanded A Female Passenger Get Her Out Of The Priority Seats, So She Unfolded Her Cane To Move And Taught Him A Lesson

by Trisha Leigh

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I feel like we read a version of this story way too often; apparently no one is learning the lesson that not all disabilities are visible?

Seriously, stop acting like you know everything about a person after seeing them for one hot minute.

OP is disabled and uses a cane, so she took a priority seat on a train.

I (21F) was born with a malformation of my inner ear. On top of making my right ear stick out like an elephant’s it also causes me to have balancing issues.

To prevent me from toppling over I use a cane for support and balance.

Yesterday I was taking a train back to my University city. I always get the closest seats to the door since if the train starts and I’m standing the chances of me losing my balance and falling over are high (unfortunately speaking from experience).

These seats usually have an indication of priority for people with moving impairments and this train was no different.

An older gentleman confronted her and, when she refused to move, got a train employee.

I got on and sat down with my headphones in. Not a minute goes by when I am startled by a tap on my shoulder. I pulled my headphones out and looked up to see an older-looking man.

The first thing he said was “You need to move!” whilst pointing to the “priority seating” sign. I was flustered and was only able to stutter “But… but I do…” before he went away mumbling about not having time for this.

I thought that would be the end of it. I was wrong.

A minute later the man came back with a train attendant. He just pointed at me going “Tell her to give me the seat! I have priority!” and some other ramblings I don’t remember.

She got her cane out in order to move and was told to stay put.

The attendant wasn’t mean or anything, she just said “Ma’am, this is priority seating, would you please give your seat to this gentleman?”.

I wasn’t even trying to do a “cue malicious compliance” moment, I am just terrified of confrontation and would rather risk wabbling away to another seat, even though the train was already moving.

I have one of those metallic folding canes so I unfolded it and leaned on it to get up.

Before I can leave the attendant just starts waving me to sit back down “Oh, no it’s OK ma’am. Just stay in your seat!”.

The old man didn’t say anything, he just looked annoyed like he didn’t understand why he couldn’t have my seat.

He was still mad at the world.

The attendant led him away to “find you another seat” while the guy grumbled something.

I just sat there and enjoyed my faceplant-free train ride while drawing and listening to music. Never saw the old guy again but the attendant smiled at me whenever she passed by.

The top comment says OP is an adult in name only.

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They say asking is one thing…

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Too often neither of them exist at all.

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I feel like it used to be a lot more common.

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Some people are just visual learners, I suppose.

Or jerks. That’s possible, too.

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