March 5, 2024 at 10:31 am

Baker Realizes The Cake She Made Was Actually For One Of Taylor Swift’s Music Videos. – ‘I couldn’t believe it.’

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@createwith_katie

All artists have their own fanbases, but few have fans as “fervent” and “passionate” as Taylor Swift.

From trying to use numerology to decode hidden meanings in her instagram captions to breaking into her old house in Paris, the Swifties are on a whole other level.

I know Swifties who would pass out knowing that Taylor had once eaten at the same restaurant as them!

But this baker on Tiktok, @createwith_katie, was completely gagged when she realized I cake she had baked was actually used in a Taylor Swift music video!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@createwith_katie

Katie’s story, set an oh-so-satisfying video of her decorating a cake, started a couple years ago, when a woman came in to her bakery to order a bunch of different desserts.

“She knew she definitely wanted to place an order, but needed more time. She let me know that she could only let me know a day or two before she actually needed them.”

Source: TikTok/@createwith_katie

Katie admitted that that was not a lot of time, and said that the woman seemed very stressed, which in turn made Katie stressed!

But then the woman told her the deserts would be for a music video production, and told her the order was for a big celebrity.

“Now being in this industry, everyone thinks they’re big, so I definitely didn’t think it would be someone big!”

Source: TikTok/@createwith_katie

The woman ended up placing the order two days before, and she said although there was a time crunch, she was able to get the deserts to her on time!

“After that I didn’t hear from her for like another 5 months, to where I even forgot about the situation.”

But one Monday she received an update from the woman that turned her world upside down: “Hey, by the way, that was for Taylor Swift.”

Source: TikTok/@createwith_katie

“When she sent me the link, I couldn’t believe it. I still think about this everyday!”

What a twist, I feel like I would be going over every detail of that cake in my mind until I had gone crazy!

Also, you gotta wonder what music video it was for. Anti-hero? Or maybe Lavender Haze?

Check it out for yourself!


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♬ Red (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

Some of TikTok was skeptical of Katie at first.

Source: TikTok/@createwith_katie

While the majority of the swifties scrambled to find what music video the cake appeared in.

Source: TikTok/@createwith_katie

But people soon started guessing the cake was the one featured in Taylor’s song “I Bet You Think About Me”.

Source: TikTok/@createwith_katie

Some eagle-eyed fans even found the exact time stamp that the cake is on screen!

Source: TikTok/@createwith_katie

And finally this comment reminded the naysayers that the cake in the TikTok is not the one she actually made for Taylor.

Source: TikTok/@createwith_katie

Maybe I’ll go check out that music video, but I think it’ll probably just make me hungry for cake!

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