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Bride Hid A Disabled Woman’s Walking Stick Because It Ruined Her “Aesthetic,” So She Brought A Noisy Mobility Scooter Instead

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

Stories about bridezillas are rampant, but I swear to you that you will never read a better story of revenge on one of them than this one.

You have to love tales about women who stand up for themselves.

OP was disabled and needed a walking stick.

I am a disabled veteran, and at the time this actually happened I was solely depending on walking stick.

I could not walk more than 10 feet maximum without assistance.

She offered to bow out of being a bridesmaid when it was clear her stick didn’t match the wedding’s “aesthetics.”

I was asked by a friend to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. She quickly proved herself to be a bridezilla, and everything had to meet her vision.

Everything had to fall within her very rigid scope of what the aesthetics should be.

She made a couple of what she claimed were innocent comments about my walking stick. I offered multiple times not to be a bridemaid and would assist in any other way I could help.

She refused every offer and insisted I had to be a bridesmaid.

When the bride “joked” about hiding her walking stick, OP made sure to have a backup plan.

Then I heard from another close friend (and also a bridesmaid) that she was very upset that I was insisting on using my walking stick.

She made a comment saying that she was just going to hide it and then I would just have to go without it.

Looking at the mutual friends face when she said that she tried to laugh at off as a joke.

Well there was no doubt in my mind that she was going to try to have my walking stick go missing, so I made arrangements.

She needed it.

Sure enough they have the wedding rolls aroundand while getting hair and makeup my walking stick disappears. I was not happy, and told everyone I have to have it back. I cannot walk down the aisle without it.

The bride insisted that they didn’t know where it was and they looked everywhere and I was just going to have to make do.

I said so after you joked about taking my walking stick it goes missing, and you want me to make do??? Her exact words were you’ll just have to do what you can do to get up the aisle.

And honestly, it was glorious.

Cue malicious compliance, I texted my boyfriend he went out to the car and brought in mobility scooter that I had rented just in case I needed it.

I had him put it out of sight but where we could get to it easily and then he or the other bridesmaids physically supported me. We made our way to the back of the hall for the start of the ceremony.

The bride who had been talking to her father and not paying attention did not see the scooter until she started to walk up the aisle and there are her three bridesmaids.

Two standing tall and me sitting on the most hideous looking multicolored with sparkles mobility scooter I could find.

If looks could kill she would have planted me. Within seconds of the ceremony ending my walking stick had been found.

She and her her new husband brought it over to me, and told me it had been found and I could get that god-awful scooter back out to the car.

I mustered up a tear and told her I was so sorry but I was in so much pain from having to try to walk without my walking stick that there was no way I would be able to go without the scooter.

I am very proud to say that the scooter is in over 90% of her wedding photos.

The top comment is an interesting thought!

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This commenter says the bride absolutely did all of this to herself.

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It definitely puts things into perspectives.

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This is definitely one for the ages.

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All in all, a beautiful story.

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I haven’t actually cackled like that in a while.

This girl is my new hero.

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