March 18, 2024 at 6:45 pm

Capital One Refuses To Immediately Return Customer’s Money After They Failed To Pay Her Bills And Left Her In The Lurch

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@thebeccamurray

Has anyone here never had a frustrating, hair-pulling phone call with their bank or credit card?

Pro tip for ANY bank… do not mess with our hard-earned money.

A woman on Tik Tok named Becca recently had a very bad encounter with Capital One that would leave anybody furious.

Source: TikTok/@thebeccamurray

She explains, “I got a text from my credit card saying that my minimum payment was due in a couple days; that they haven’t received any funds.”

Continuing she says, “That’s weird, I actually paid my credit card. In full.”

She goes over to her checking account next, confirming that money was in fact withdrawn.

“But none of the billers have received their money.”

Excuse me?

Source: TikTok/@thebeccamurray

So she called the bank.

And cue the aforementioned hair-pulling segment of this story.

“The electronic payment failed? What do you mean?…I wasn’t notified, there was no pop up that said ‘this didn’t work, try again later’; I didn’t get a text, phone call or email after the fact.”

Capitol One said they’d fix the mistake… in SEVEN TO TEN BUSINESS DAYS.

Source: TikTok/@thebeccamurray

You’ve got to hear the rage-inducing full story here, it’s worth every second:


@Capital One what’s your slogan again?

♬ original sound – becca

And check out her follow-up here if you’re as fully invested in this saga as me at this point:


Replying to @lwrdr they picked the wrong one

♬ original sound – becca

Now let’s see what folks had to say. Absolute GOLD.

There were about 10 more that you’ve just gotta go see for yourself, but I’m too lazy to post 78 screenshots here.

This. Best comment of the day. Worth 37.5 THOUSAND likes.

Source: TikTok/@thebeccamurray

Another commenter had some great advice about the CFPB.

Source: TikTok/@thebeccamurray

While another TikToker, a banker, actually chimed in on this madness.

Source: TikTok/@thebeccamurray

What’s in your wallet?

Oh… nothing?