March 25, 2024 at 10:34 pm

Child Development Researcher Says Babies Raised On iPads Are Easy To Spot Because Their Behavior Is Abnormal. – ‘Your method of parenting is flawed.’

by Ashley Ashbee

Source: TikTok/@ratiliciousxx

A researcher who works with children aged 3 months to 3 years is sounding the alarm over the developmental effects of long-term frequent iPad exposure.

“You can tell within like the first 10 minutes of meeting a baby” if they’re exposed to screens 24/7, @TikToker @ratiliciousxx says in a viral video.

OP made the video in response to a trend of parents boasting about the volume of time their young kids are watching screens and arguing that anyone who doesn’t have kids has no right to sound off on the matter.

If the kid can’t have an iPad, “All hell breaks loose,” she says.

“I’ve seen babies 8 to 10 months who have no interest in actual baby toys freak out when they see the iPad.”

 Source: TikTok/@ratiliciousxx

OP works with infants and toddlers who are “typically normal,” so this can’t be written off as a problem they were born with.

Instead, she argues, it’s a parenting problem.

Source: TikTok/@ratiliciousxx

How much screen time is too much for small children, according to the researcher? Pretty much any time.

Source: TikTok/@ratiliciousxx

Here’s the video.


If i ever have kids theyre getting minimal screen time, like im talking almost 0. I feel so bad for teachers too. #ipadbabies #childdevelopment

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People in the comments had a lot to say about her views and advice.

This person noted that iPad babies are often exposed to age inappropriate material. In this case: Jersey Shore.

Source: TikTok/@ratiliciousxx

These commenters described the major life events iPad kids miss out on.

Source: TikTok/@ratiliciousxx

Numerous other people who work with children shared that they can also tell who is an iPad kid and who isn’t.

Source: TikTok/@ratiliciousxx

This was one of only a few comments arguing that some kids can self-regulate their screen time.

Source: TikTok/@ratiliciousxx

Find some other ways to occupy your child when you are busy or need a break.

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