March 23, 2024 at 3:29 am

Company Insists Workers Account For Every Minute To Get A Bonus, So One Employee Found A Loophole And Took Extra Sick Days

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@throwaway1337_acc

Some rules are just so DUMB.

So what can you do when you work for a company like this?

Well, maliciously comply, of course!

And that’s exactly what this person did.

Take a look at their story!

Time tracking policy encourages sick leave.

“In my job we need to track explicitly our effort and the time that we spent on which tasks.

Each day must have at least 8 hours of recorded effort, and if there is not enough work or for some other reason you are not working productively the whole day, you’ll have a hard time to think about where to put your efforts.

These rules were pretty dumb…

If you record less than 8 hours, your bonus for the quarter will be less (what a stupid rule, I know). If you don’t have enough work.. that’s also your problem.

Lately, I took sick leave for some days as I was really not well. But after a few days, and as I had a bad feeling about letting the team down, I continued to work, even though I was sure that I could easily get another medical certificate to extend my paid sick leave.

However, I was only able to work some of the hours and needed to rest/sleep the other half of the day (I was working from home).

A problem presented itself…

Remember the rule about time tracking?

I didn’t know where to put the remaining hours and actually didn’t bother to invent something. The next day my boss commented with me why my time tracking is not filled correctly…

On the other hand, if you just report sick, you don’t need to worry about the time tracking as the whole day will not count.

Just following the rules.

So I just decided to go the doctor on the next day and extended my sick leave for a few more days, without worrying now about where to put my hours.

The company apparently prefers people to not work at all instead of only working half-days without correct time tracking.

I don’t know how that makes sense from a business perspective, but its not my business.”

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Sure, I’ll take more time off!

Thanks a lot!

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