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Company Woke Up A Guy On His Day Off And Told Him He Was Late For His First Day Of Work, But The Calls Didn’t Stop Even After He Told The Man He Had The Wrong Number

by Ryan McCarthy

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Wrong numbers can range from slightly amusing to downright infuriating.

Sometimes you can even make a new friend out of them, maybe brighten up your day with a quick chat on the phone!

But oftentimes, especially with people who are technologically inept, they just never get the message that you’re NOT who they’re looking for!

That was the case for this user, who was woken up repeatedly on his day off by a random number telling him he was late for his first day of work!

Check it out!

Employer told me I’m late for my first day, and doesn’t understand he’s got a wrong number.

Ok, so this is a story that happened in the summer last year.

At my current job, I took 2 weeks of vacation, and right in the middle of the morning (around 6am) of my first day off, I get a call.

I don’t answer. Then another. At the 4th call in a row, I decided to answer.
“Hello? Where are you? It’s your first day, we’re waiting for you.”

This would be a scary call to get, if it wasn’t actually a wrong number!

As far as I know I have no freaking clue who that is.

I didn’t have any job or anything planned that day, I’m supposed to hang out with my friends.

“Dang sorry dude you got a wrong number, no clue what you’re talking about”

I hung up and go back to sleep.

But this employer wasn’t taking no for an answer, even if he did have the wrong person!

But no. That jerk called me 2 more times in the next hour.

He left a message saying young people are lazy and he can’t believe I lied to him after a great interview.

He ends up calling again, I picked the phone. I know this will be the last time I’ll deal with him.

“Yes I know I’m late, I’m on my way. I’ll be here soon, promise!” I hung up, and then I blocked his number before going back to sleep.

But even after only two phone conversations, OP knew that he was lucky this guy wasn’t his actual boss!

Like seriously, I can’t believe the first time I told him that it was a wrong number wasn’t enough.

I’m pretty lucky to have an above average employer back then (and still now) but jeez… some places must really suck.

I later checked his phone number and matched it with a store on Google maps, which was 2 hours from me.

I left a bad review saying the person working here harassed me on the phone.

Did he just completely disregard the part about the wrong number, or did he just not care? Maybe this guy just liked to yell!

Reddit loved OP’s middle finger to this guy, and many even thought of ways he could stick it to him even more!

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I think the next call I would have to start pulling out the classic wrong number lines.

“Dave’s Funeral Home. You Kill Em, We Chill Em!”

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