March 29, 2024 at 2:33 pm

Costco Customer Received A Company Email About A Listeria Food Recall… Four Months After She Bought It. – ‘I should still get a refund because I ate it.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@tiger_lani

This is the kind of stuff that keeps people up at night…

A TikTokker posted a video and talked about how she bought and ate a chicken wrap from Costco…and then found out months later that the product she consumed had been recalled because of listeria contamination.

Source: TikTok/@tiger_lani

She explained, “I just got an email from Costco saying if I purchased the southwest chicken wrap anywhere between October and February that it does contain listeria.”

She continued, “They’re recalling all of that because the cheese contains listeria. I bought this probably back in November and December, and you’re only telling me this now? It has been months, and only now you guys found out that it has listeria? That’s insane to me, and I ate it already. Like it says if you have any of this product remaining, if you so happen to have any of this product remaining, don’t eat it, return it to Costco for a full refund.”

Source: TikTok/@tiger_lani

She added, “I ate that ****. That has an expiration date of like three days after you purchase it. I’m going to eat it. Do I get a refund? I should still get a refund because I ate it and it could potentially have listeria. I think I’m fine because I haven’t gotten sick, knock on wood, but that’s insane to me. That’s scary. You guys went months and only now see there’s listeria. That’s crazy. It was delicious, but that’s crazy.”


Source: TikTok/@tiger_lani

Here’s her video.


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Here’s how folks reacted.

This viewer is worried about this…

Source: TikTok/@tiger_lani

Another person thinks a refund is in order.

Source: TikTok/@tiger_lani

And this TikTokker is wondering what’s going on out there…

Source: TikTok/@tiger_lani


That’s scary stuff!

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