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Coworker Makes Woman’s Life Miserable And Ruins Her Reputation, So When She Sees Him On A Date Months Later, She Gets Her Revenge

by Ryan McCarthy

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We all associate bullying with being a kid in school, but there are bullies everywhere, especially in the office!

Some people just never grow out of being douches, and bring their douchiness with them all their life!

They make it their mission to make your day at work as miserable as possible, like they’re getting paid extra to ruin your shift!

Well this user’s story of revenge on her workplace bully will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

After having her reputation ruined by this jerk, she saw him out on a date and exposed his immature behavior, and his womanizing, to the poor girl out on a date with him!

Check it out!

I met my old workplace bully whilst he was on a date

So back in June, I left a very toxic workplace of 8 years. I mainly left due to having a break-down from being overworked.

But this one particular person made working there even worse on-top of the excessive work.

This guy was 1 year younger than me. He was a 30 year old man, the type of guy that appears to have peaked in secondary school, very jock-like mentality and childish too.

He was part of my team of 4. I was civil with him just because I had to work with him but he WAS my workplace bully.
Apart from just the general “workplace banter”, this guy (lets call him Chris) was relentless with his teasing.

OP said Chris always took his teasing and jokes way too far.

What would usually be classed as ‘playful’ always pushed to bullying from him because he never knew when to quit.

And if he noticed you were getting stressed or annoyed, he’d use you as a target of his teasing for the rest of the day.

He would be super nice to you when it’s just the two of you, but as soon as he has an audience, he picks his ‘victim’ and will tease them constantly in what he would call “playful”.

And if you ever got annoyed and stood up for yourself, he’d say hes “only messing” and make out like hes the victim. He’s that type of person.

And OP said one incident in particular really turned her against Chris.

One specific thing that made me lose any respect I had for him was when I was STILL working there, some ex-employee wrote a very aggressive review on Glassdoor about the company.

Just because this person used a phrase that I use, Chris thought the review was me… As much as I proved that it wasn’t me (didn’t even have a glassdoor account at the time).

He was relentless with campaigning around the office that I was the one that wrote it.

I also believe he told the boss that I was the one that wrote it once I left and thats why I didn’t get any freelance work from them afterwards.

Even after OP left the company, Chris’ abuse continued.

So after I left my workplace, my old team still have a group whatsapp that I’m a part of and we still talk almost every other day on it.

After I left the group chat went a bit quiet, I assumed they made a new one of just them which is fair. But the chat still kept going occasionally.

I unfollowed and unfriended Chris on facebook and instagram because I just didn’t want to be associated with him anymore.

In the middle of the group chat, he broadcasts “Why did you unfollow and unfriend me on facebook?” whilst also @-ing me.

He wrote this message at 6:30am. I woke up to this message broadcasted in the group chat… It ticked me off.

So free from having to see Chris everyday, OP decided to be brutally honest with him.

So I was honest and said that he’s a bully and instead of making a big thing of it, i’d rather just remove him from the equation.

I also said that it was immature of him to do this over the group chat and not in private.

He didn’t say anything, he just left the group chat and blocked me on everything. The group chat pretty much died after that. I was at the time, livid.

This 30 year old man set fire to the group chat, saw what I said and then ran off…

I thought it must be a blessing in disguise because I finally got to say what I wanted to him and I now don’t have to acknowledge him again….

And OP thought this would be the end of her interaction with Chris. But fortunately for her, she was mistaken.

Skip to 3 months later, me and my husband walking through town and stopping off at a pub to get some grub… And low and behold.

I see Chris there with a new girl I hadn’t seen before. I was feeling extra-confident and decided to approach.

I went and said “Hey Chris, long time no see!” with a big grin on my face, Chris looking like a deer in headlights, the perfect kind of red cheeks.

I asked him “How are things, you doing well?” and he replied in a very normal way, clearly not wanting the conversation to continue and looking very awkward in front of his new girl.

But OP wasn’t going to let this golden opportunity pass her by.

She asked how we knew each other. I generously waited for Chris to say “We used to work together”. So I added onto that:

“Yeah, its quite funny really, Chris used to be my workplace bully, he’s the reason why I struggled financially after I left my old job.”

“He accused me of writing a hostile review to the company which I proved I didn’t do and lost me a lot of freelance work because of it”.

And she was only just getting started!

He was gobsmacked. Face redder than a traffic light. The new girl clearly looking confused and uncomfortable. Neither of them responded.

I didn’t want it to carry on much longer as it wasn’t really fair on her. But just to add salt to the wound I said:

“So is this your new girlfriend Kathrine? Or is this Georgia? What happened with Sarah since someone said you were still with her last week?”

All of those are completely true, he gets around. This girl goes from confused to angry in the blink of an eye and just stares at Chris.

I would pay any amount of money to see Chris’ face at that moment! And after dropping her bomb, OP politely excused herself.

I just say “Oh whoops, I really put my foot in my mouth haven’t I, I better go, it was nice seeing you again Chris.” and walk off.

My husband whilst he felt bad for the girl, was very proud that I finally got my “closure revenge” on him.

did too, but to be fair, I might have saved her from inevitably being dumped by him a few weeks later when he gets bored of her.

It feels amazing. Like I feel petty as anything, but it felt good for there to finally be some consequences to this Chris guy being a complete jerk.

If only Chris hadn’t been a complete douchebag, he could have had a nice normal interaction between ex-coworkers. But then we wouldn’t have gotten this glorious revenge!

Reddit was living for OP’s story, with many saying they were getting their workplace revenge vicariously through her.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And many suggested even more ways she could have screwed him over.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this user was reminded of their own workplace bully who tried to ruin their reputation.

Source: Reddit/AITA

In the words of the poet laureate Justin Timberlake, “What goes around comes around!”

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