March 5, 2024 at 6:33 pm

Customer Realizes T.J. Maxx is Reselling Dollar Store Products For $40

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@prissynpolished

With prices continuing to rise with no real end in sight, discount stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls are supposed to be a way a savvy shopper can save money.

Because they get their merchandise by buying surplus inventory from the retailers themselves, TJ Maxx’s brand has become a way to get high quality items for cheap.

But a TikTok by @prissynpolished called into question both adjectives: high-quality and cheap, when she realized TJ Maxx was selling dollar store inventory at an almost 3,000% markup!

Source: TikTok/@prissynpolished

@prissynpolished starts her video while browsing an aisle at TJ Maxx, where one item in particular had caught her eye.

“I’m in TJ Maxx, you see their price? $39.99.”

This confused her, as she could have sworn she had just bought this at another store for a lower price.

Source: TikTok/@prissynpolished

But when she finally remembered where she had purchased Global Beauty Care’s Multi-Vitamin Serum, she realized she had got it for A LOT cheaper!

“Y’all. This is from the Dollar Tree!”

And with a price tag of $39.99, this puts TJ Maxx’s price at an almost 3,000% markup from the Dollar Tree.

So much for a discount!

Source: TikTok/@prissynpolished

And while the price increase is egregious enough, it also means that at TJ Maxx you’re paying for a product which a company can profit from a $1.25 sale.

And if they can afford to make them that cheap, what does that say about the ingredients you’re using on your skin?

It makes you wonder what other cheap merchandise you’re paying top dollar for at stores like these!

Source: TikTok/@prissynpolished

And she ends her video by heading to her local Dollar Tree and actually showing the same product on their shelves.

“I bought this the other day for $1.25. I’ll show you. See? Same thing.”

In the video she gathers 3 of the serum boxes, a $3.75 purchase that would run her $120 dollars at TJ Maxx!

See the scam for yourself!


either it’s a come up or a scam #tjmaxx #dollartree #crazypricing #fyp

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TikTok was less than surprised with TJ Maxx’s scam, with many saying they see Dollar Tree products being resold more and more.

Source: TikTok/@prissynpolished

This user joked that the security device was more expensive than the product it was protecting!

Source: TikTok/@prissynpolished

This user said scams like these are why they look up every product at TJ Maxx.

Source: TikTok/@prissynpolished

But some thought that TJ Maxx wasn’t the one at fault, but a conniving customer who made a false return.

Source: TikTok/@prissynpolished

Finally, this user suggested the customers start trying some tricks of their own!

Source: TikTok/@prissynpolished

Seriously though guys, don’t return dollar tree stuff to regular stores.

They’ve got their eyes on you!

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