March 11, 2024 at 11:37 am

Customer Wouldn’t Listen To Employee That Her Food Was Moldy, So They Let Her Eat It Anyway

by Trisha Leigh

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Anyone who has ever worked in food service knows that confronting customers about subpar items can always be tricky.

If they don’t want to listen, well…what can you do?

OP worked in an airport restaurants and cranky customers were common.

I work in an airport restaurant. You can imagine we get a lot of stuck up and cranky people who don’t see us as humans.

We work our rears off to provide the best service we can under the circumstances (Working in an airport setting with unpredictable passenger numbers). For context, our restaurant is split into 2 seperate Café’s. Mine is the one before TSA, the one relevant to this story happened past TSA.

Meaning this was a passenger that either went through TSA or came off a plane from the departure lounge.

One day they were asked to pull an item that was moldy.

The kitchen staff hand-prepare trays of vegetables with a portion of hummus. One of those vegetables is sliced cucumbers.

Today my assistant manager (who runs the kitchen past security) came up to me and told me I needed to check the trays I had for sale because they found mold on the cucumbers in their trays even when they hadn’t reached to expiration we have for prepared fresh foods, such as the tray in question.

I subsequently pulled my trays because they did, in fact, have mold on them.

Enter Act II of this story.

He came to me about 30 mins later to tell me this part.

They tried to get a bad plate from a customer but she didn’t want to hear it.

Back in Post security(past TSA), a lady had bought a vegetable tray. being the good Assistant Manager he is, he went over to make sure that it was a fresh tray.

She didn’t let him even get more than one word out before telling him “Go away, leave me alone”. Now he isn’t a mean person at all. In fact he makes the most conversation with all the customers more that the rest of our staff, including me.

He took one look at the tray she purchased, it was moldy. He made a couple more attempts to try and tell her that her food had mold on it so she could get a fresh one, to no avail.

He’s now at a loss and just lets whatever happens, happen.

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

She ate the WHOLE… DANG… THING!!… Cucumbers and all, with 0 complaints.

Just goes to show, when an employee comes up to you, hear out the employee just in case they have something important to tell you.

Such as “Ma’am, you are about to consume mold. How about you go choose another tray free of charge?”

It would be a battle of bad things.

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She’s probably going to be fine.

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It’s the only explanation.

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That’s one take, I guess.

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This person, though, thought she was an anti-Karen.

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This woman doesn’t sound like the type to have regrets.

Hopefully no permanent damage was done.

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