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Entitled Girlfriend Gets Upset When Her Boyfriend Reveals He Doesn’t Like Driving Her To Work Early In The Morning

by Chris Allen

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Young love can be a confusing, frustrating time of learning.

Communication is not always at its peak, leading to unexpected and sometimes unwanted arguments.

What’s worse is when those arguments are not resolved, and nothing is learned from it.

But sometimes it’s great to have random strangers on the internet let you know if you’re in the wrong or not!

Like this story, of a young couple who had a relatively minor argument, and he just wants some greater context.

AITA For telling my girlfriend that I don’t like waking up early to drive her to work?

So every Sunday I wake up around 5 am so that I can drive my girlfriend to work.

This most recent Sunday I was being super slow about it and stayed in bed until 6 am, meaning I couldn’t cook breakfast in time and she ended up cooking.

After waking up an hour late, I was rushing though our usual morning routine and didn’t give her the usual amount of attention I do, and told her I was rushing because I didn’t want her to be late for work.

The slight hint of entitlement to this morning routine that doesn’t sit right.

She didn’t like I was rushing and only giving her quick kisses instead of long ones, and said that I looked super sleepy and it looked like I didn’t want to take her to work this morning.

I responded by telling her that I hate waking up early, and that I’m very far from a morning person, but I still do it because I liked having her there and spending time with her.

Well after that she said that she would rather take an Uber to work that Sunday and go home on Saturday nights instead of spending the night because I was acting like I was being forced to take her.

Things got awkward…

I still insisted I take her and we ended up going, but she didn’t speak to me that entire car ride.

She’s also been very distant since then, not really responding to texts and if she does it’ll be a short response with a period at the end which I think means she’s mad.

AITA here?

Was telling her that yeah I hated waking up early the wrong move even though I told her it’s ok because I like spending the time with her?

I just really don’t get why she’s so mad. Should I just let her spend the money on Uber(like 30-50 bucks) instead?

I’m usually the one that asks her to stay the night and when she does she can’t get to work without an Uber or something.

Let’s see what folks had to say.

One person is downright apoplectic at the GALL.

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Another commenter just saw red flags popping up out of nowhere, left & right.

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Another Redditor loudly agreed.

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There were people saying YTA? WHERE ARE THEY!

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Communication breakdown, it’s always the same.

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