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Entitled Little Brother Can’t Handle The Focus Being Taken Away From Him, So His Older Sister Reminds Him Of His Beginnings. People Were Quick To Side With Her.

by Chris Allen

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Families are always a tough road to travel.

Almost always, people just want what’s best for one another.

But there are still personalities and communication breakdowns to tread through.

Sometimes though, there are those who are spoiled; who never learned the tough lessons in life.

Chief among them: IT AIN’T ALL ABOUT YOU.

This one’s a story about a bratty 18-year old, who is just downright nasty to his 12-year old brother, and not realizing he called himself trash.

AITA for throwing my brother’s words right back around in his face?

My parents have fostered since they were in their 20s. They’ve fostered dozens of kids.

While most children in their home were fostered with the intent to reunite or be placed with other family, they did end up adopting 4 of those children.

The first was me (28F) and my older brother, Dylan (32M) when we were 6 months and 4 years old respectively, after our bio mom abandoned us.

12 years ago, they fostered and later adopted, Frankie, who’s now 18.

OP explains how Frankie, the problem child, may have gotten this bratty mentality…

It was around this time that our parents began to slow down on fostering and really only took emergency, short term placements.

As a result, Frankie didn’t really grow up with foster kids in the house the way Dylan and I did. I’m talking, maybe once or twice a year for a week or so until the child would either be put with family or another foster home.

Frankie was always spoiled. I admit, all of us did so. He had a rough beginning to life and we all wanted him to feel accepted, loved, etc.

He could be a bit bratty at times, but our parents shrugged it off as “he’s had a hard time”.

A few months ago, my parents got a call about a child who needed a serious, long-term placement with adoption ultimately being the goal.

Gavin (12M) came to stay with them. And now it looks like he will actually be adopted by our parents.

He’s a very sweet boy. Very shy, but also very polite and kind.

The parents acknowledged that action needed to be taken with this self-obsessed brat.

Frankie has had issues from the beginning and has made it clear he does not want a little brother.

He only lives at home part time now because he’s in college, but when he is there, he is downright nasty to Gavin and calls him horrible names.

It got to the point where our parents have said he either needs to take him up on their offers for counseling or he needs to stay at school/somewhere else until he can be nicer to Gavin.

Then Frankie equates orphans to garbage…

Frankie called me to complain about this. I tried to explain that our parents were doing for Gavin just as they had for us: giving him a safe, loving home to thrive in.

Frankie said that that our parents need to stop “picking up every stray piece of garbage that someone didn’t want”.

This hurt me, not just for Frankie, but myself and Dylan, given our own story.

I was in tears as I told him “If Mom and Dad didn’t pick up stray pieces of garbage, they wouldn’t have you either.”

Frankie hung up. He hasn’t spoken to me since.

When Dylan got word of all this, he said that Frankie is obviously dead wrong but I should’ve either hung up or found a way to not sink to his level.

Our parents don’t know yet, as Frankie’s not speaking to them and Dylan and I don’t want to worry them with this.


Let’s see people’s thoughts on this entitled child.

One person wanted to remind Frankie of the proverbial glass house around him.

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While another commenter pointed out Entitlement Syndrome in full effect.

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Another person had no trouble sparing zero sympathy for a child who thinks the world revolves around him.

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While another person mixed the metaphors, but we still get the picture.

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Dig your glass houses, and lay in the…sticks and stones?

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