March 17, 2024 at 6:33 pm

Family Finds Out How Much Money They Got Back From Their Costco Executive Membership… And It’s A Lot Less Than They Think

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@90zdad

It’s rare a letter contains actual amazing news and it’s even rarer to get cash back for anything.

But in these days, man is it satisfying to get money back for being a loyal customer somewhere.

And Costco members are lucky in that the company gives back via their Costco Executive Membership 2% Annual Return scheme, where customers get 2% back for their annual purchases.

But were this family happy or not with their 2%? Read on and find out!

Source: TikTok/@90zdad

@90zdad made it a family event, getting his daughter to open the Costco letter to see how much cash the family would get back after their annual shop.

The TikToker said: “All right, this is a big moment. This right here is our Costco Membership. That means every year we get almost, what, 2% back? of our purchases for the prior year.”

His family threw guesses at him that the amount would be either $375 or as high as $420.

Source: TikTok/@90zdad

But the daughter’s face dropped when she read the letter and it was clear this wasn’t anything near what she thought it would be.

The dad said they received close to $200 last year and this year the family had bought a lot of Dyson stuff, so they figured they’d win big.

But no, the family got $187 back for their annual purchases and they weren’t too pleased.

Source: TikTok/@90zdad

The mom Erin told @90zdad: “Ah, it pays for our membership.”

Let’s face it, it’s great to get any cash back for shopping someplace though!

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Our annual purchase return from 2023 has arrived!!! #costcocheck #costco #guessinggame

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More Costco goodies!

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This is what counts, ha!

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Wouldn’t this be great!

Source: TikTok/@90zdad

Better luck next year!

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