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Fiancée Turns Her Boyfriend’s Whole Family Against His Sister, And Now She Wants To Uninvite Every Single One From Their Wedding

by Ryan McCarthy

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You know when someone says one of those terrible lines like: “I just can’t get away from the drama in my life.” or “Every ex-girlfriend I’ve ever had has been crazy!”

And you’re sitting there thinking to yourself, well they all have one thing in common. You!

If so, you might experience some deja vu reading this, because OP sounds like she could have invented that kind of thinking!

After a disagreement with her fiancé’s sister, she tried to turn his whole family against her, and then was shocked when her own family didn’t suddenly kick her to the curb!

Check it out!

WIBTA for uninviting anyone who attended a winery day from my bridal shower and possibly wedding.

My fiancé (32M) and I (30F) have been dating for two years, and are getting married in a few months. When we first started dating his sister (25F) and I got along great.

But when I asked her to be a bridesmaid she turned me down, I assume because she would not be the center of attention.

Everything spiraled from there and now we are pretty much no contact with her. She is a brat truth be told and created a ton of unnecessary drama.

Some highlights were: showing up with no gift to our engagement party and not saying a word to us and running into my brother in public and being extremely rude to him.

On top of all of that, her and her boyfriend denied this happened and called my brother a liar. Now she is no longer invited to the wedding.

Well, seems like things are off to a great start! And expectedly, these issues came up when OP was spending time with her fiancé’s family.

This summer we made an effort to see other members of his family so we have been spending our weekends meeting up for dinner with different members of his family.

Naturally the issues with his sister come up. I chose not to hold back and told them exactly what she did.

I thought they should know how toxic she is and decide for themselves if they want her in their lives.

But shockingly, her in-laws did not completely abandon their FAMILY MEMBER because of what one person said about her.

Yesterday I saw on Instagram one of my fiancé’s cousins posted a bunch of pictures from a girls wine day.

All his females aunts and cousins were there and of course his sister was there. I was so hurt that they wouldn’t even invite me.

It felt like the pictures were posted specifically to make me feel bad and show that they took her side.

I am supposed to be marrying into this family in a few months and they completely left me out.

I cannot think of ANY reason why they would not want OP there! So strange! But OP was getting to the bottom of this.

I reached out to one of his aunts I thought I was close to and asked if my fiancé’s sister planned this, she said no it was another aunt.

When I asked why I wasn’t invited she said it was because of the drama between me and fiancé’s sister.

They didn’t want the day to be uncomfortable so chose to keep it to just family which hurt to hear that they don’t consider me family.

I asked her if that meant they all took her side, but she claimed no one was taking sides and if I chose to take it that way it was up to me. I ended the phone call very upset.

And for OP, that meant she was considering extending her beef to the entire family!

My bridal shower is in a few weeks and I don’t want any of them there. It’s for friends and family and obviously they don’t consider me family so they don’t need to be there.

I want no drama at my shower and only people who are happy for me and love me there. I am debating if I want them at the wedding but I will deal with that later.

I have a mass email written up ready to send disinviting them from my shower, my fiancé is fine with it he can’t stand his sister and is angry with his family.

My maid of honor is trying to talk me out of sending it, saying it will ruin my relationship with his family and my wedding and upset my MIL, but I think its already ruined.


She couldn’t believe they chose their family over an in-law? And besides, the Aunt told her that no one was taking sides, they just didn’t want drama that day.

And from the sounds of this story alone, if OP had been at that winery, there would have been more than enough drama to go around!

Reddit didn’t exactly see things from her point of view, with this user saying OP can’t demand her sister-in-law’s entire family just cut contact with her!

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This person thought regardless of who was in the wrong, uninviting every female member of her fiancé’s family is an absolutely terrible idea.

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This commenter even went so far as to say OP went on a campaign against her sister-in-law, and its kind of hard to argue with that!

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This user pointed out that there were people at the Winery that day who knew OP’s sister-in-law since the day she was born!

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And finally, this user pointed out how hypocritical it was for OP to accuse her of being an attention seeker.

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My question is, what does OP’s fiancé think about all of this? I know he has problems with his sister, but did he really support trying to exile her from the family?

Maybe these two really are made for each other after all!

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