March 20, 2024 at 10:37 pm

Former American Express Customer Said They Made His Small Business Pay $200,000 Immediately Out Of Nowhere. – ‘They charged me a $5,000 penalty.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@wificaptain

American Express users…listen up!

Because this man’s story might make you think twice about doing business with that company.

His name is Jason and he told TikTok viewers that “American Express screwed my company.”

Jason started his story by saying, “I found American Express, and I got their platinum card and started doing everything in my business through American Express. It was almost like a cult around my office. You know, everything that we could put on the American Express card, we could.”

Source: TikTok/@wificaptain

Things took a turn when the economy went south in 2008 and Jason found out that the company reduced his credit while he was on a trip in Europe.

He explained that his credit was reduced “from 300,000… then the next day they lowered it to 200, then the next day they lowered it to 100.”

Source: TikTok/@wificaptain

He explained, “What they did in screwing me is they made that total $200,000 payable immediately within that period of time.”

Jason added, “They charged me a $5,000 penalty, and I canceled my relationship with American Express, and I’ve never done business with them since.”

Source: TikTok/@wificaptain

Check out his video.


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And here’s what people had to say about it.

This person didn’t hold back.

Source: TikTok/@wificaptain

Another TikTok user talked about their experience with American Express.

Source: TikTok/@wificaptain

And another viewer shared some insider info.

Source: TikTok/@wificaptain

This should be against the law. Seriously.

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