March 20, 2024 at 2:34 pm

Former FedEx Employee Shares Why He Quit His Job After 20 Minutes On The Job. – ‘I’m lifting up 97-inch flat-screen TVs.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@bewhitten

I’ve heard some horror stories about working for FedEx and UPS before…and this guy’s TikTok video confirmed that I don’t ever want to work at either of those businesses.

In his video, the former FedEx worker didn’t hold back and he said that he has “never quit a job so fast in my life.”

He said that he knew something was off on his first day at work and explained, “I was under the impression that I would just be loading up the typical box FedEx truck that makes all the deliveries.”

He then explained that he and all the other new workers that day stood “in front of a group of managers…like an auction block” and the managers picked who they wanted to work for them.

The man said he was chosen to work on the “heavy side” because he looked like he was in shape.

Source: TikTok/@bewhitten

He explained, “Y’all, they had my Black *** lifting up bunk beds, deep freezers, weight sets, barbecue pits, lawnmowers —not push lawn mowers, a riding lawnmower. I’m lifting up 97-inch flat-screen TVs. I didn’t even know flat screens came that big.”

The man continued, “I’m trying to find a grip on it, and one of the managers, he walked by like, ‘Hey, rookie! Make sure you’re using your legs to lift!’ I’m like, ‘Kiss my ***’. Got me over here lifting this jumbotron for the Staples Center up by myself—I need a forklift for this!”

Source: TikTok/@bewhitten

He said, “I’m taking ice baths after work. I lasted 13 and a quarter shifts, and one day I was like, ‘Hey, I’m about to get ready to go get me some water. ’I went straight to the car, went home.”

The man explained that he decided to quit FedEx after his wife said that the job was making him “too angry.”

He ended his video by saying, “Anybody that you see that works at FedEx, kiss them, hug them, ask them how their day’s going, offer them a massage. They need it.”

That’s rough!

Source: TikTok/@bewhitten

Check out his video.


I’ve never quit a job so fast in my life…. Shout out to all the FedEx warriors moving those heavy packages around the world…y’all some real ones. My whole left side would be hurting after my shifts.🤦🏾‍♂️😂🤣😂 ⭐️Follow for more ridiculousness #fedex #iquit #cantdoit #funnytiktok #comedy #explore #viral #memes #fyp #memes #follow #greenscreen

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Now let’s see how people reacted to his video.

One person said they did hard time…at UPS.

Source: TikTok/@bewhitten

Another individual shared their thoughts.

Source: TikTok/@bewhitten

And one person started a conversation about turnover rates.

Source: TikTok/@bewhitten

This guy wasn’t playing around!

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