March 4, 2024 at 7:33 pm

Former Girlfriend’s New Husband Thought They Were In Some Kind Of Competition, So He Signed Them Up To Become Jehovah’s Witnesses And Had The Last Laugh

by Trisha Leigh

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It’s weird to think that people who have been such big parts of our lives can suddenly go on living without us – and sometimes, we don’t even miss them.

Some of them, though…they just can’t seem to move on.

OP broke up with a girl and wasn’t too sad about it.

So I dated a girl long distance for a year back in 2010. We broke up rather amicably, or so I thought.

Her new boyfriend (now her husband) called me about a month later telling me that she had been seeing him behind my back and that she never really loved me, etc…

Personally I laughed it off, I knew the relationship wasn’t going anywhere and I had been looking for an easy out for months, being long distance made it much easier.

But apparently it made him feel good about himself.

Her new boyfriend/eventual husband wanted to beat his chest, though.

Fast forward a few years, they’re married and he’s traveling for work which included a layover in my city.

He posted something about me from the airport and tagged a mutual friend of mine so I saw the post. Something along the lines of “Mr steal your girl back in your city.”

I know it was about me because the friend he tagged asked what he was talking about and he mentioned me.

Apparently he has made several posts like this (both before and after I saw this one).

It went on for way too long.

I haven’t seen or talked to either my ex or him since about a month after called me years ago. During which there were several petty interactions.

However, The fact that I was still on his mind after a few years, thinking that he had won some sort of competition against me got my petty revenge thoughts brewing.

I mean he thinks is a petty competition, so why not step up to the plate and take a few (metaphorical) swings.

So, OP figured he’d make a little good trouble of his own.

On this occurrence. I looked through his socials and noticed they were living my ex’s house.

So I knew the address… I also knew that you can sign people up to be visited by jehovah witnesses.

Fast forward another few months.

There’s a new post about him having to deal with JWs coming to his door 8 times in a month.

I bet Reddit got a kick out of this!

Seriously, why does this guy allow it?

Source: Reddit/AITA

They figure something must have set this off.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And they really want OP to take things even further.

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Seriously, we have so many questions.

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He could really up his game.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Petty, indeed, but well-deserved.

I really want to know why this guy let’s OP live in his head, rent free.

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