March 7, 2024 at 8:49 pm

‘Four courses for free.’ – Woman Shares Hack To Eat Out At Expensive Restaurants And Not Pay Anything

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@michel.c.janse

Eating out never loses its allure really does it, even if you are completely broke – but it’s how to get around that broke part and still eat it up.

Well, all’s not lost, you’ll be glad to hear. Praise be that new dress or sharp suit is going to get that outing! Just don’t spill anything on it if ya too broke to afford the dry cleaning bill!

Right, so how? How we gonna eat out for free y’all? This former server reckons she got the answer! Read on. And then prepare to tuck in. Whoo!

@michel.c.janse told her hungry followers on TikTok she used to live in LA – a city that’s enough to make anyone poor, right!

She wanted to eat out but couldn’t afford to – we hear her! So, she concocted a grand old plan.

Source: TikTok/@michel.c.janse

“I’m gonna tell you how you can eat out at very nice restaurants for free, or sometimes even be paid to do it,” she said.

She explained how “My favorite thing to do was eat out at restaurants but I simply could not afford to.”

The former server said she spotted that the restaurant she worked at had secret shoppers who graded the premises on food etc.

Source: TikTok/@michel.c.janse

She signed up to a website called and got going, reviewing stores, restaurants and other businesses.

The company took her reviews, then refunded her. So, she got that good stuff – including free dinner! Ya-hum.

And sometimes the company would pay her on top of that. Enough for an additional desert huh!

“I would go to steakhouses and get four courses for free,” she said. Now, you’re talking!

Source: TikTok/@michel.c.janse

“It was so fun cause you felt like a spy undercover.”

She said: “I mean, you had to read the report ahead of time to know what to look for, kinda secretly take notes, and the report would take me, like, 30 minutes to write it up afterward.”

So, now we know – your broke – you can STILL eat out for free as a secret shopper!

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If you’re good at something, never do it for free!

Source: TikTok/@michel.c.janse

Some people don’t think they’d be up to the task…

Source: TikTok/@michel.c.janse

And this, eh, okay – I’m just off to sign up!

Source: TikTok/@michel.c.janse

I mean… why not try it out, right?


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