March 18, 2024 at 4:44 pm

He Didn’t Tell His Wife About His Sister’s Demise, And Now She Feels Betrayed By His Silence

by Trisha Leigh

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It’s a valid stereotype that men struggle to express a whole range of emotions the way that women are expected to on a daily basis.

That doesn’t mean it’s okay, though, or is something we should allow to persist unchanged.

OP’s wife never met his sister in person.

My (35M) sister passed 3 weeks ago.

My wife had only met her once since she lived quite far away and every time I went to see her my wife didn’t come.

So when she passed, he went to the funeral and never told her.

My dad told me that she’d passed and told me when her funeral was. I travelled down for the funeral and I told my wife I was going to see my sister, which wasn’t really a lie.

She found out and she’s very upset.

A few days after I got back home my brother called my wife and told her to check up on me since I hadn’t been answering his calls and texts.

I guess she asked why he was so worried and my brother told her about my sister’s demise.

My wife got really upset at me for not telling her and she said that I can’t trust her and that I should “talk to her instead of bottling up my feelings.”

I explained that I didn’t tell her because I knew she’d worry and expect me to talk about how I feel. It’s very sweet of her for worrying about me but she doesn’t need to.

It’s like she doesn’t understand that I don’t talk about how I feel unlike her.

OP’s not sure why he was wrong.

She’s barely spoken to me since, she said that she feels betrayed.

I didn’t mean to upset her so much I just didn’t want to deal with her constant worrying.


The top comment honestly sounds appalled.

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He definitely needs to work on his communication skills.

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It’s definitely a thing where they would have expected to see her.

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He just needs to re-read this own words.

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This poor man.

He needs a therapist, and right away.

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